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Propel: Property Checking for C++

We are developing a model checking toolset and methodologies to enable practical application of model checking to C++.  The toolset builds upon Java PathFinder (JPF), an explicit-state model checker for Java, by adding extensions to support C++.  The approach involves building a translator from C++ to Java,  and re-architecting many aspects of JPF to increase extensibility and observability.  The translator is implemented with an Edison Design Group-based C++ parser, which we extended to create an XML-based abstract syntax tree (AST).  Various tree-based transformations to replace the non-Java-like parts of C++ with Java equivalents are then applied to the AST and, finally, Java code is published from the AST.

As part of Propel, we are developing a "Design for Verification" methodology that explicitly adds V&V goals to the design phase.  The objective is to turn V&V into a development co-process by mapping key system properties to dedicated, separately checkable design components.  This is achieved mainly by using domain-specific design pattern systems, where each pattern instance has its own set of tool-supported usage checks and guarantees.  These, in turn, are used to identify suitable pattern candidates based on the system specification


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[paper (PDF, 69K)]

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[paper (PDF, 121K)]

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[paper (PDF, 101K)]

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[paper (PDF, 78K)]

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