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RACE integrated with WorldWind

RACE: scalable event processing with actors

As the name Runtime for Airspace Concept Evaluation implies, RACE started out as a framework for rapid development of complex airspace simulations based on actors – concurrent objects that only communicate through asynchronous messages. Actors do not share internal state, do not require explicit synchronization, and hence are immune to most of the problems that are typical for concurrent and distributed systems. Actors are a safe and efficient way to harness the power of contemporary multi-core architectures and high-speed networks.

Actors are a generic concept. RACE is not restricted to simulations. If your application is event driven, has to connect to external systems, should be cross-platform compatible and needs to scale from single laptops to whole clusters then RACE is right on target.

Key Benefits

  • Uniform, consistent architecture – RACE uses actors as the single, powerful programming model with a solid theoretical foundation, from simple 3-liners all the way up to complex simulator interfaces. There is only one concept to learn to develop RACE applications, and it is well supported by industry.
  • Scalable – add more actors to make use of massive multi-core architectures, or distribute actors across several communicating machines, all without changing a single line of code.
  • Robust – use actors to avoid concurrency defects such as deadlocks and data races. Use runtime monitoring at the system level to detect component problems. Use strict actor supervisor hierarchy to react to component and network failures.
  • Adaptive – import and export data from/to a wide variety of external systems such as JMS servers, flight simulators or antenna systems to connect to the outside world.
  • Visual – RACE integrates well with NASA WorldWind, providing components for thread-safe data import and application specific user interfaces. RACE even comes with a WorldWind viewer that is embedded in an actor.
  • Collaborative – synchronize WorldWind viewers running on different machines to create collaborative environments such as mission control centers and situation rooms. Add your own, application specific synchronization commands.
  • Cross platform – RACE runs wherever JavaTM runs.
  • Open sourced – not only is RACE open sourced itself (under Apache v2 license), it's core also depends only on open sourced libraries with compatible licenses. No royalties, neither for development nor deployment.


RACE is currently deployed at the FAA to check format conformance of SWIM data.

Updated January 2018

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Latest News

September 2017: RACE shows discrepancies in approach data sources for Flight ACA759 at SFO.

May 2017: RACE demonstrates scalability of near real-time analysis of the FAA SWIM data.

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