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MESA deployed within RACE

MESA: Message-based System Analysis

MESA is a framework for runtime verification of large, safety critical message-based systems.

MESA, implemented in Scala, is a framework for analyzing traces of message-based systems, where a trace is a sequence of messages exchanged between the system under test (SUT) components. We refer to a message-based system as a system composed of components that primarily communicate by exchanging messages over networks. Given a trace and a property, MESA can verify whether a property is satisfied. MESA can be applied for both off-line monitoring, e.g. analyzing log files, and online monitoring as the SUT executes.

Key Benefits

  • Highly configurable and extensible – configuration files, in HOCON format, are used to specify the actors that participate in the applications, and the way they communicate with one another.
  • Safe parallelism – Uses lightweight RACE actors, which are isolated objects that communicate solely by exchanging asynchronous messages using point-to-point and publish-subscribe communication paradigms.


MESA will be applied to the monitoring of safety patterns on SWIM data.

Updated December 2017

Active Members

Nastaran Shafiei

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