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Software Toolshed

The Software Toolshed effort is a multi-center effort sponsored by the Office of Chief Engineer to demonstrate proof of concepts and share knowledge and expertise about software engineering tools and their applicability to NASA mission software and NASA's software development processes. The "toolshed" concept is inspired by the workplace toolshed where common tools can be checked out. Software managers can find information about useful tools and, license permitting, use these tools on NASA mission software. Tools can be commercial off the shelf, government provided or open source.

Static analysis: Toolshed has collaborated with industry on understanding the benefits and of deploying static analysis tools early in the software development process, rather than applying them later as part of a "tiger team assessment" of mission source code. Toolshed has also prototyped the use of html interfaces to organize the results of commercial and open sources tools into a single view for software developer and software manager.

Process tools: Toolshed has explored how tools can automate and organize NASA software development processes and support CMMI certification and knowledge sharing between NASA centers. An example of such a tool, software developers assistant, was developed under NASA SBIR. SDA helps automate and manage mandated engineering processes and projects such as: spacecraft commanding, flight software, ground systems software, bio-monitoring, and medical devices.

Contact: Joseph C. Coughlan

Reviewed 2012

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