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We are the Robust Software Engineering technical area, based in the Intelligent Systems Division at NASA's Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, California.

Our goal is to dramatically increase the reliability and robustness of NASA's mission related software, and the productivity of its software engineering, through the research, development, application, and transfer of automated software engineering technology that scales to meet NASA's software challenges. We draw upon many techniques from Computer Science (for example, in the areas of program verification, automated reasoning, model checking, static analysis, symbolic evaluation, and machine learning) and apply them to the verification and validation of software, as well as code generation. Technologies we developed include automated software analysis, automated test case generation, reliable code generation, and risk prediction and analysis.

We applied our technologies to NASA projects involved with Space and Aeronautics, and spun off sample educational lessons for students and teachers. We are currently funded mostly by the Aeronautics Research & Mission Directorate but our technology is applicable across all the other mission directorates and their space applications.

Updated 6 July 2017


07 July 2017


2017 Presidential Rank and NASA Honor Awards Ceremony – June 27, 2017

Ames presented the 2017 Presidential Rank and NASA Honor Awards to 68 employees. We are excited to learn that the RSE Technical Area Lead was honored.

Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal

Guillaume P. Brat


June Fast Talks are RESCHEDULED for Tuesday, 08 August 2017, and will be held in Building 269, Conference Room 179.


New Paper Published 19 June 2017

Ewen Denney, Ganeshmadhav Pai, Iain Whiteside, "Modeling the Safety Architecture of UAS Flight Operations," Safe Comp 2017; Trento, Italy; 12 September 2016
[paper (PDF, 6.5MB)]



The Robust Software Engineering Group is inviting you to its first series of fast talks on May 23rd in N269, rm 179 at 1pm. There will be light refreshments and some finger food.

The agenda features the following five fast (10 minutes max) technical talks. More will follow at a later date.
  1. Safety assurance with AdvoCATE by Ewen Denney
  2. MARGInS - Model-based Analysis of Realizable Goals In Systems by Yuning He
  3. Static Analysis of Embedded Systems with IKOS by Maxime Arthaud
  4. Automated analysis and compilation framework for Simulink/Stateflow by Hamza Bourbouh
  5. Software and System Health Management with R2U2 by Johann Schumann


New Paper Published 23 May 2017

Ewen Denney, Ganeshmadhav Pai, Reece Clothier, "Making the Case for a Risk-based Approach to the Safety of Small Unmanned Aircraft System Operations," AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration & Ops Conference; Denver, CO; 05 June 2016
[paper (PDF, 5MB)]


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