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We are the Robust Software Engineering technical area, based in the Intelligent Systems Division at NASA's Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, California.

Our goal is to dramatically increase the reliability and robustness of NASA's mission related software, and the productivity of its software engineering, through the research, development, application, and transfer of automated software engineering technology that scales to meet NASA's software challenges. We draw upon many techniques from Computer Science (for example, in the areas of program verification, automated reasoning, model checking, static analysis, symbolic evaluation, and machine learning) and apply them to the verification and validation of software, as well as code generation. Technologies we developed include automated software analysis, automated test case generation, reliable code generation, and risk prediction and analysis.

We applied our technologies to NASA projects involved with Space and Aeronautics, and spun off sample educational lessons for students and teachers. We are currently engaged with projects in all the NASA Mission Directorates: Human Exploration & Operations, Aeronautics, and Science.

Reviewed 27 December 2016

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