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Applied_Physics Presentations

  1. On the Conductivity and Selectivity Paradox in Biological Channels
    D. G. Luchinsky, W. A. Gibby, I. K. Kaufman, R.S. Eisenberg, and P. V. E. McClintock, misc, 60th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society, Los Angeles, CA, February-March 2016. abstract | pdf
  2. Observation of “Remote Knock-On”, a New Permeation-Enhancement Mechanism in Ion Channels.
    D. G. Luchinsky, R. Tindjong, I.Kh. Kaufman, P.V.E. McClintock, I.A. Khovanov, and R.S. Eisenberg, misc, 58th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society, San Francisco, CA, 2, 2014. abstract | pdf
  3. Analysis of experimental time-traces of the ground firing test of a subscale srm with gas leak in the forward closure
    V.N. Smelyanskiy, D.G. Luchinsky, V.V. Osipov, D.A. Timucin, S. Uckun, B. Hayashida, M. Watson, J. McMillin, D. Shook, M. Johnson, and S. Hyde, misc, 6th Modeling and Simulation / 4th Liquid Propulsion / 3rd Spacecraft Propulsion Joint Subcommittee Meeting, Orlando, FL, December 2008. abstract | pdf

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