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The Prognostics Center of Excellence envisions to establish world-class expertise in all aspects of prognostics. It will support the goals of NASA in systems health management, specifically in support of aviation safety for current and next generation aircraft as well as space systems. To that end, the roadmap encompasses a set of capabilities that progresses from basic modeling, algorithm development, uncertainty management, decision making, health reasoning, and validation and verification. This progression is shown in the figure below.

Roadmap for Prognostics Technologies and Associated Projects

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There are specific projects associated with fulfilling the capabilities of the roadmap. The Prognostics Center of Excellence works currently on actuator prognostics by detailed modeling of mechanics of physics-of-failure (ball jam, backlash, etc.). In parallel, we are engaged in modeling damage progression in semiconductor components that are a critical part of avionics equipment. There are unique challenges in performing damage modeling, and monitoring for these components, starting with the time constant that switching devices are exposed to the challenge of post-mortem analysis of semiconductor devices. As part of this projects, we have devised aging platforms for select components that we are testing in controlled environments.

We are also engaged in developing algorithms for prognostics. To that end, we have built a test stand that allows us to age 18650-type Li-Ion batteries in a controlled environment and to explore a suite of algorithms using these data sets. The data sets are being made available through a public data repository. More details and publications can be seen of the project link located at the CofE home page.

Another area of current engagement is controller reconfiguration which attempts to convert health information into actions. Here, an initial successful demonstration of using prognostic information in controller reconfiguration has been accomplished in collaboration with an industrial partner.

The figure below shows the status of the different projects that we work on in fulfillment of the roadmap outlined above.

Project Status and Collaborations
status chart

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