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The X-Plane Connect (XPC) Toolbox is an open source research tool used to interact with the commercial flight simulator software X-Plane. XPC allows users to control aircraft and receive state information from aircraft simulated in X-Plane using functions written in C, C++, Java, MATLAB, or Python in real time from one or more machines over the network. This research tool has been used to visualize flight paths, test control algorithms, simulate an active airspace, or generate out-the-window visuals for in-house flight simulation software. Possible applications include active control of an XPlane simulation, flight visualization, recording states during a flight, or interacting with a mission over UDP.

X-PlaneConnect has been released under the NASA OpenSource License and is available here.

Using XPC

For instructions on how to use XPC, visit the XPC Wiki.

XPC Contributors


XPC is currently in use by commercial, government, and hobbyist users around the world to support research, testing, development, and hobby activities.

In 2015 XPC was featured in an International Space Apps Challenge. The challenge was to build an open-source air traffic tracking tool that allows users to select a particular flight and see out-the-window or other views of the aircraft and airspace. Imagine being able to look up your loved one’s flight and be able to see what they see out the window in near real-time. Imagine if crash investigators could easily replay accidents and examine events from all angles. Imagine if researchers could replay a test flight from different angles. These are but a few of the possible applications for the tools created in this challenge. Twenty teams participated in this challenge.

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