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The targeted hardware in this project comprises smart sensor devices. The first set of experiments were carried out on SPOT (Small Programmable Object Technology) devices from SUN Microsystems. A device consists of a 180MHz 32-bit ARM920T processor board stacked with a sensor board and battery. It is packaged in a plastic housing. The processor has 512K RAM and 4M Flash memory. The SPOT devices communicate using radio channels. The processor board has a 2.4GHz radio with an integrated antenna on the board. Each processor board has a USB interface (used to connect to a PC) as well as LEDs which can be used by the programs executing on the processor. Finally there is an 8-bit microcontroller Atmel Atmega88 used as a power controller. The following figure shows the anatomy of a SUN Spot device.


Anatomy of a free ranging Sun SPOT device. (Courtesy of )

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