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Laboratory Setup

The experimental setup primarily consists of a set of Li-ion cells (which may reside either inside or outside an environmental chamber), chargers, loads, EIS equipment for battery health monitoring (BHM), a suite of sensors (voltage, current and temperature), some custom switching circuitry, data acquisition system and a computer for control and analysis.

The cells will be cycled through charge and discharge cycles under different load and environmental conditions set by the electronic load and environmental chamber respectively. Periodically EIS measurements will be taken to monitor the internal condition of the battery using the BHM module. The DAQ system will collect the externally observable parameters from the sensors. The switching circuitry will enable the cells to be in the charge, discharge or EIS health monitoring state as dictated by the algorithms running on the control computer. The end goal is to demonstrate the ability to distinguish between cells at different health states displaying similar terminal voltages and then to predict the end of charge and end of life for the given cells.

Laboratory Setup Battery Testbed

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