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While several testbeds, both constructed at NASA and elsewhere, have been developed for the purpose of diagnostic and prognostic research on components important to aerospace vehicles, there still remains a need for testbeds that not only support the development of reasoning algorithms on both the component and system levels, but also the optimization of decision-making algorithms based on system health information.


This effort is aimed at development of such a testbed on the basis of the K11, a rover originally slated to serve as a robotic technologies test vehicle in the Antarctic. The rover equipment (such as its batteries) was updated and its sensor suite was expanded. As opposed to other planetary rover development efforts, the focus of this research is not to develop next-generation planetary rover hardware, but rather to use the K11 rover platform to create a realistic environment for testing novel PDM algorithms. These algorithms would then be used as blueprints by other organizations in order to create PDM functionality for their particular applications.

Specifically, the main categories of tasks to be performed on the testbed are:

  • Development of system-level prognostics-enabled decision making PDM algorihms
  • Maturation and standardization of interfaces between various reasoning algorithms
  • Performance comparison among the algorithms from different organizations
  • Generation of publicly available datasets for enabling further research in PDM


Project Lead:
Adam Sweet

Edward Balaban
Jose Celaya
Matthew Daigle
Sriram Narasimhan
Indranil Roychoudhury
Sankalita Saha
Abhinav Saxena
Christopher Bond
Brian Bole

Former Interns
George Gorospe
Zachary Ballard
Sterling Clarke
Tabitha Smith
Kevin Rooney

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