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Using HyDE on Windows Platforms

The HyDE diagnostic engine is essentially a C++ library which provides an API to load model and initial conditions, report observations to the engine, and get diagnosis results from HyDE. In order to use the HyDE diagnostic engine an application needs to be created that uses this API to perform the diagnostic task. We provide 2 pre-built applications for interacting with HyDE on the Windows Platform. The recommended way of exercising HyDE is via the application that runs from the GME tool. We also provide a command line application that requires all model and observation information in files and writes the diagnostic output to the screen (or to a file via redirection).

Using HyDE on other Platforms

Please note that the GME tool for building models is available only for the Windows platform. However the HyDE diagnostic engine itself may be run on any platform that supports a C++ compiler. However an application that interacts with the HyDE diagnostic engine API needs to be created in order to use HyDE. If you are interested in running HyDE on a non-Windows platform, please contact Lee Brownston (Lee dot S dot Brownston at nasa dot gov).

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