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Diagnostic Competition

The benchmarking framework has been used in two diagnostic competitions that have been hosted at the International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (DX). The objectives of the competition series are to accelerate research in theories, principles, and computational techniques for monitoring and diagnosis of complex systems, to encourage the development of diagnostic software platforms, and to provide a forum that can be utilized by algorithm developers to test and validate their technologies on real-world physical systems.

Members of the diagnostic community were invited to participate by developing and submitting diagnostic algorithms which used the framework to evaluate algorithm performance. Initially the participants were provided with system descriptions and a sample data set that included nominal and fault scenarios. The participants had to provide algorithms that communicated with the run-time architecture to receive scenario data and return diagnostic results. For the competition all diagnostic algorithms were run on test data sets to compute a set of pre-defined metrics. The metrics were used to rank the DAs.

Additional information on the first competition, including system information, the software framework, sample data, test data, results, publications and presentations is available at this DASHlink page.

Additional information on the second competition is available at this DASHlink page.

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