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Description of project

Sustainability Base (SB) is a high performance, LEED-platinum certified building at NASA Ames that combines NASA’s innovative technologies with “green” architecture and renewable energy systems. In addition to its unique design that maximizes daylight and natural ventilation, SB will eventually incorporate several key NASA technologies that have evolved from the Data Sciences group, as well as technologies that have been developed through collaborative partnerships. Such technologies may include the inductive monitoring system (IMS) that will learn how the building naturally operates to establish baseline operations of various building systems and identify any anomalous patterns. Also, ACCEPT (Adverse Condition & Critical Event Prediction Toolbox), an architectural framework designed to compare and contrast the performance of a variety of machine learning and early warning algorithms may be used. ACCEPT tests the capability of these algorithms to robustly predict the onset of adverse events in any time-series data generating systems or processes housed at Sustainability Base.

Video of IMS in action, as applied to Plug load data

Results generated from ACCEPT, as applied to HVAC system data

Principal Investigator

Rodney Martin, Ph.D.

Phone: (650) 604-1334
Fax: (650) 604-3594

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