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To learn more about Probability Collectives and Product Distribution theory, download these PDF slide presentations:

The Mathematics of Adaptive Distributed Control
David H. Wolpert
An introduction to the mathematics of PC-based adaptive distributed control.

Distributed Optimization and Flight Control Using Collectives
Stefan Bieniawski
Theory and implementation of the Probability Collectives approach, with experimental applications to optimization problems and distributed flight control.

Adaptive, Distributed Control of Constrained Multi-agent Systems
Stefan Bieniawski and David H. Wolpert
A poster comparing Probability Collectives with distributed reinforcement learning.

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Principal Investigator
David Wolpert

Other Contributors
Nicolas E. Antoine (Airbus/Stanford)
Stefan Bieniawski (Stanford)
Ilan Kroo (Stanford)
Chiu Fan Lee (Oxford)
Bill Macready (Dwave Systems/NASA)
Dave Nicholson (BAE Systems)
Dev Rajnarayan (Stanford)
Charlie E. M. Strauss (LANL)


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PhD Thesis on Flutter Suppression
Stanford Probability Collectives Site
Collectives Workshop, 2003
Stanford AA Design Group

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