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The Diagnostics and Prognostics (D&P) group investigates system health management technologies relevant to NASA missions.

Within diagnostics, we are focusing on developing model-based technology for detection and identification of discrete and continuous faults. Utilizing a large electric power distribution system that mimics one that one would find on an aircraft or spacecraft, we are benchmarking diagnostics performance with hardware-in-the-loop. Finally, we are investigating metrics for diagnostics that will aid in the benchmarking and generally in the comparison of different diagnostic algorithms.

Within prognostics, we are currently investigating damage detection and damage propagation mechanisms on select safety-critical actuators for transport-class aircraft, and damage propagation mechanisms for critical electrical and electronic components in avionic equipment. Beyond prognostics, we are investigating decision-making that takes prognostic information into consideration which will be manifested in advanced reconfiguration strategies. We are also in the process of extending a testbed that will allow the comparative analysis of different prognostic algorithms. In addition, we investigate prognostics metrics that will allow a proper comparison of different prognostic approaches. Lastly, data collected from aging processes will be made available to the research community in a public data repository.

The D&P group is the steward of NASA's Prognostics Center of Excellence whose mission it is to advance state-of-the-art technology development for remaining life estimation and related topics. Please check the web site of the PCoE

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Group Lead

Matthew Daigle

Deputy Group Lead

Chris Teubert

Group Members

Edward Balaban
Matthew Daigle
Susan Frost
George Gorospe
Chetan Kulkarni
David Nishikawa
Indranil Roychoudhury
Shankar Sankararaman
Adam Sweet
Chris Teubert


Auburn University
Clarkson University
Georgia Tech
Global Technology
Idaho National Lab
Impact Technologies
Iowa State University
Montana Tech
Penn State ARL
Qualtech Systems, Inc.
Scientific Monitoring, Inc.
Sentient Corporation
Stanford University
Syracuse University
University of Connecticut
University of Maryland
Vanderbilt University


Brian Bole
Chris Bond
Jose Celaya
Jonny da Silva
David Garcia
Tolga Kurtoglu
Peter Liu
Ole Mengshoel
Sriram Narasimhan
Bhaskar Saha
Sankalita Saha
Abhinav Saxena
Greg Sonnenfeld

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