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To develop a voice-operated procedure browserand astronaut assistant for the International Space Station.


As the project has progressed, the followingkey objectives have emerged:

  • Procedure-independent
    The browser should be a general tool that can accept any suitably formatted new procedure as a data object.
  • Flexible command vocabulary
    The user should be able to move freely around the current procedure and carry out other related activities, entirely using voice commands.
  • Hands-free operation
    The system should be usable in an "open-mic" mode, where it can distinguish between voice commands requiring a response and speech directed at other people.
  • Robust dialogue
    It should be possible to undo or correct any misrecognition or inappropriate response with a single voice command.
  • High-quality spoken output
    Text read by the browser must be clearly comprehensible, even in noisy background conditions.



Project Lead:
Beth Ann Hockey

Manny Rayner

Claire Castillo
Susana Early
Amelia Fischer
Vladimir Tkachenko
Sylvia Stoddart

Previous Contributors:
Kim Farrell (Project Lead)
Nikos Chatzichrisafis
John Dowding
Barney Pell
Greg Aist
Jim Hieronymus


Article in New Scientist, June 27, 2005

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