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Information Integration Overview

The Information Integration (I2) Group focuses on developing systems that stitch together heterogeneous data and information originating in multiple formats and from multiple sources – whether structured (e.g., databases), semi-structured (e.g., Web pages), or unstructured (e.g., documents). The goal of I2 systems is to bring together all information relevant to customers into a common framework that enables cross-source functionality, such as consolidated search, centralized data access, and comprehensive data analysis. To accomplish this type of data integration, we use a variety of techniques ranging from data warehousing, data federation, and data virtualization, to semantic integration, knowledge graphs, and linked data representations. Data systems have been developed within I2 to integrate many different types of NASA-relevant data, ranging from air traffic management data, to International Space Station data, to biological sciences data.


  • Air Traffic Management Ontology and Data Integration System: Fuses disparate air traffic data using sematic integration, ontologies, and knowledge graphs [+ More]

  • Data Integration of ExtraVehicular Activity and Orion Hardware Tracking: An adaptive data integration platform designed to merge disparate data sources

  • GeneLab Data Systems (GLDS): Open data integration and analysis systems to manage International Space Station-related space biology data [+ More]

  • Human Research Program Information Technology Architecture & One Portal: A web portal for data consolidation and integration of program research risks, gaps, and tasks

  • Management Awareness System of Systems (MASS): Supports storage, integration, and analysis of managerial decision-support data for NASA programs and projects

  • Small Spacecraft Systems Virtual Institute (S3VI): Provides data systems integration for managing small spacecraft systems’ hardware parts databases
    [+ More]


Group Lead

Group Members
Sonja Caldwell
Hassan Eslami
Mohana Gurram
Dennis Heher
Jairon Moh Hashim
Ron Instrella
Tristan Le
Shawn Li
Jenessa Lin
Sneha Raghunandan
Tony Tan
Hao Thai
Peter Tran
Jamie Vigliotta
Andrew Williamson

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