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Ground & Flight Data Systems Overview

The Ground & Flight Data Systems (GFDS) Group creates systems to facilitate transmission and processing of data between spacecraft, rovers, satellites, ground control, and distributed mission teams. Data ranges from communications, telemetry, and Integrated Systems Health Management (ISHM) data, to planetary, astrophysical, medical, and biological science research data and analytics. Ground processing of data is accomplished by science pipeline data systems, which transform raw, uncorrected, uncalibrated data into usable products for the science community. GFDS designs systems to satisfy carefully defined and documented user requirements involving the secure handling of sensitive and irreplaceable mission data. The group supports space and planetary exploration missions, as well as Earth and space sciences, small satellite, and aeronautics missions and projects.


  • Ames' International Space Station Biological Science Payload Operations: Provides software support, communications support, and facilities coordination to payload operators

  • Exploration Medical Capability (ExMC) Medical Data Architecture: A data system supporting astronaut medical needs during exploration missions beyond low-Earth orbit

  • Kepler / Kepler 2 Data Pipelines: Provides a complete science data processing pipeline solution for the Kepler and K2 exoplanet surveys [+ More]

  • Open Mission Control Technologies (Open MCT): An open-sourced, web-based mission control framework for data visualization [+ More]

  • Resource Prospector Ground Data System: Develops the ground data software system integral to all mission operations functions, including command and control, planning, and driving of the rover

  • Resource Prospector Mission Operations System: Design, training, and operations for mission control, mission processes, procedures, and flight rules

  • Rodent Research Software: Develops and maintains software to support flight of rodents for scientific research on the International Space Station

  • Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) Mission Controls and Communications System: A flight system that provides situation awareness and enables users to command the infrared telescope [+ More]

  • Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) Data Pipeline: Provides a complete science data processing pipeline solution for the TESS exoplanet survey [+ More]


Group Lead
Jay Trimble

Group Members
Jorge Bardina
Susan Blumenberg
Lee Brownston
Robert Carvahlo
Misty Davies
Matt Deans
Lionel Delmo
Hassan Eslami
Mohana Gurram
Charles Hacskaylo
Andrew Henry
Sarah Hobart
Jon Jenkins
Tristan Le
Jenessa Lin
Masoud Mansouri-Samani
Nimesh Marker
William McDermott
Victoria Moore
Rob Morris
Cedric Priscal
John Rasmussen
Pete Richards
Mark Rose
Sam Santiago
Pegah Sarram
Mark Shirley
Jeffrey Smith
Helen Stewart
Deep Tailor
Peter Tenenbaum
Hao Thai
Eric Ting
Joseph Twicken
May Windrem
Shawn Wolfe
Enya Yan
Brian Yu

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