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Data Repository Systems Overview

The Data Repository Systems (DRS) Group develops and maintains archival data management systems that capture, curate, preserve, and disseminate data from NASA missions, projects, and research activities both for NASA internal usage, and for external use by other government agencies and the greater scientific community. The group has created repositories for near-Earth objects, astrobiology data, and life sciences and space biology data, as well as for the Human Research and Space Biology programs’ institutional biobanks at Ames Research Center and Johnson Space Center. The group is experienced in handling specific NASA requirements related to secure management of export-controlled information and sensitive personal data, including medical data.


  • Ames Life Sciences Data Archive (ALSDA): Official repository of science data generated by NASA's Space Biology and Human Research Programs [+ More]

  • Ames Research Center and Johnson Space Center Institutional Scientific Collections: Manage Biobank containing physical samples and metadata for non-human spaceflight bio-specimens [+ More]

  • Astrobiology Habitable Environments Database (AHED): A repository system for storing and searching across heterogeneous astrobiology project data

  • Near Earth Object Repository: A data repository to store and manage physical characteristics of near-Earth asteroids and meteorites


Group Lead Helen Stewart

Group Members
Jorge Bardina
Rich Keller
William McDermott
Sam Santiago

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