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This set of coordinated projects, tasks, and products will create systems, processes, and plans that support the flow of information, software, and data to and from CxP stakeholders in support of systems engineering and integration and various reconfiguration processes. The underlying vision is to develop a common information architecture for acquiring, validating, managing, producing, and distributing compatible sets of software or data. This will enable information interoperability through the definition of standards for information exchange and the development of general-purpose and domain-specific registries. Within the overall vision and architecture, smaller teams are working to develop tools that enable the sharing of software and data products, whereas Constellation Level-2 management provides guidance in establishing processes and plans that support adaptive and efficient information flow.

The essence of modern engineering processes, complex operational systems, and distributed long-term missions is the use of combined, coordinated, discrete elements operating as an effective whole. As the engineering processes, systems, and missions become more complex and distributed, unambiguous data representations and reliable data exchange become critical. Consistent naming is essential to ensuring interoperability. Whether it is the definition of the system from a product structure, the specification of a model for simulation, or the real-time telemetry exchanges between space and ground elements, consistent naming is at the core of it all.

The Constellation Data Architecture Naming and Identifier Rules (CxDA-NIR) establishes a consistent way to name all things of interest to the Constellation Program. The CxDA-NIR enables consistent description of all parts of the data architecture; this in turn enables data architecture initiatives to uniformly describe their data artifacts and data exchanges, thus enabling Constellation Systems data sharing.

CxDA-NIR provides guidance to a range of Constellation stakeholders, from enterprise architects, data architects, tool and process developers and users, to all data producers and consumers. The DA and its guidance define consistent, unambiguous data representations and implement repeatable processes for data exchange in order to enable data sharing within and across Constellation Systems, Organizations, and Missions.

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