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Current Missions that use Remote Agent


DS 1 Rendering

Deep Space One (DS1) will test several innovative technologies, including Remote Agent, Solar-Electric Propulsion, and Autonomous Navigation.

Future Missions that plan to use part or all of Remote Agent


DS 1 Rendering

The Space Interferometry Mission (SIM) will search the nearest several thousand stars, using an interferometer to see if they have orbiting planets. An interferometer combines images from separate telescopes together to produce one high-resolution image. By taking pictures from space, SIM will avoid the blurring effects of Earth's atmosphere which distorts measurements made from the ground. Use of Remote Agent will make SIM more reliable and less expensive to control.


DS 3 Rendering

Space Technology 3(ST3) will use three separate spacecraft to trail behind Earth in its orbit and take photographs using an interferometer. An interferometer links separate telescopes together to produce one large image. This mission will also test our ability to accomplish the complex task of flying separate spacecraft in formation. Use of Remote Agent will make DS3 more reliable, while being simpler and less expensive to control.


Mars ISSP Rendering

In-situ Propellent (ISSP) plants will fly to Mars years before humans and will produce methane by combining hydrogen brought from Earth and carbon dioxide from the Martian atmosphere. The methane will be used for surface vehicles that astronauts may bring and for lift-off back to earth. Use of Remote Agent will make these systems more reliable and less expensive to run.

Life Support Systems

Life-support systems will make human exploration of Mars possible. These unmanned systems will fly to Mars to prepare for human arrival. By using Remote Agent, once the system is inhabited by humans, it will protect inhabitants by responding quickly to failures and will automatically control routine daily activities, leaving humans more time to dedicate to scientific discovery.

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