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The Stereo Pipeline

The NASA Ames Stereo Pipeline (ASP) is a suite of free and open source automated geodesy and stereogrammetry tools designed for processing stereo imagery captured from satellites (around Earth and other planets), robotic rovers, aerial cameras, and historical imagery, with and without accurate camera pose information. It produces cartographic products, including digital elevation models (DEMs), ortho-projected imagery, 3D models, and bundle-adjusted networks of cameras. ASP's data products are suitable for science analysis, mission planning, and public outreach.

The Stereo Pipeline is part of the NASA NeoGeography Toolkit.

Downloading and Installation

The latest Stereo Pipeline binary distribution is available below. Please install ISIS if you would like to process NASA non-terrestrial imagery. Users wishing to process Digital Globe, GeoEye, or generic frame camera imagery do not need to download anything else.

Source code is also provided here for your reference. We only recommend building from source for advanced users.


We recommend that all users of the Stereo Pipeline take the time to thoroughly read the user's guide below to build an understanding of how stereo reconstruction and bundle adjustment can be best used together to produce high quality results. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Support Forum

All bugs, feature requests, and general discussion regarding the Stereo Pipeline should be posted on the ASP support forum:!forum/ames-stereo-pipeline-support

The old mailing list will still be maintained but it should not be used for new posts. You can access the mailing list archives here:

You can use this mailing address to contact the lead developers and project manager directly:

  • stereo-pipeline-owner [at] lists [dot] nasa [dot] gov

Contributing to the Stereo Pipeline

Please contact stereo-pipeline-owner [at] lists [dot] nasa [dot] gov if you wish to contribute to the Ames Stereo Pipeline or use the Github interface. Ames Stereo Pipeline is Apache 2 licensed. The latest development code is available on GitHub. We accept patches for either the last released code or for the development versions.


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Version 3.0.0 of the Stereo Pipeline has been released!

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