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KRex 2012 Basalt Hills Field Test Data Set

K-Rex Rover K-Rex Rover


The Intelligent Robotics Group (IRG) conducted an engieering field test with the K-Rex rover during the first week of October 2012. The field test took place at the Basalt Hills quarry, California. A large amount of data useful for research in mapping, localization, and navigation has been collected and is made publicly available.
The dataset contains information collected during more than 10km of driving on rugged terrain with the following instruments:

  • 32 beams LIDAR
  • stereo cameras
  • two IMUs
  • compass and inclinometer
  • differential GPS
  • vehicle odometry

Detailed information about the field test experiment, the sensors used and the data collected is available on the data set description page. The log files, derived products and accompanying documents are accessible at

Please contact us if you plan to use this data set, need help on how to use it, or have suggestions to improve the data collection and distribution for our next field campaign.

How to get the data

The full data set weights 64GB. While it is possible to download it in its entirety, it is structured to allow selective download of only part of the data. Please read the data set description page for more information.

├── configuration          DDS logs configurations
├── dem                    site Digital Elevation Maps
├── pgmCameraImages        stereo images (38GB),
│   ├── 2012-10-04_4       organized by day_experiment.
│   ├── 2012-10-04_5
│   ├── 2012-10-05_0
│   ├── 2012-10-05_1
│   ├── 2012-10-05_2
│   ├── 2012-10-06_1
│   ├── 2012-10-06_3
│   └── 2012-10-06_4
├── rtiDdsLogs             raw log files from 
│   ├── 2012-10-04         the experiment (17GB),
│   ├── 2012-10-05         organized by days.
│   └── 2012-10-06
├── rapidLogs               rapid log files to use with
│   ├──    the VERVE-Rapid
│   ├──    replay tool
│   ├──    (see detailed
│   ├──    documentation
│   ├──    on how to use)
│   ├── 
│   ├──
│   ├──
└── textRoverPositions     CSV and KML rover 
    ├── 2012-10-04_4       positions (440MB).
    ├── 2012-10-04_5       organized by day_experiment.
    ├── 2012-10-05_0
    ├── 2012-10-05_1
    ├── 2012-10-05_2
    ├── 2012-10-06_1
    ├── 2012-10-06_3
    ├── 2012-10-06_4
    ├── kmls_ins           kml for quick visualization
    └── kmls_ins+relative_32mZoffset

The data set is served directly from the web server and can be download using the wget utility.

For example, to retrieve only the text version of the rover positions for all experiments: wget --mirror --relative --cut-dirs=1 --reject="index.html*" --limit-rate=10M Please note the important leading "/"

To get the RTI DDS logs of the first day: wget --mirror --relative --cut-dirs=1 --reject="index.html*" --limit-rate=10M

The following command will get the full dataset: wget --mirror --relative --cut-dirs=1 --reject="index.html*" --limit-rate=10M

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