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Research Groups

Applied Avionics Software (AAS) The Applied Avionics Software Group performs applied research, development, and testing of avionics ITAR NASA Class B software for flight missions. We are part of the TI CMMI L2 organization and practice model-based software engineering. We focus on raising the TRL of autonomy technologies and integrating autonomy systems into flight software. The group has experience in developing and deploying avionics software for a wide variety of missions. More information on the AAS group is at:
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Advanced Control and Evolvable Systems (ACES)
The main focus of the NASA Ames Advanced Control and Evolvable
Systems (ACES) group is to research, develop, implement, test, and
deliver next generation control architectures and avionics hardware.
The core competency within the group spans across various intelligent
guidance, navigation, and control technologies as well as avionics
hardware and software system disciplines. ACES conducts foundational
and applied research in adaptive, robust, and optimal control,
trajectory guidance and planning, avionics architectures and
processes, and evolvable systems towards automated design.
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Control Agent Architectures
The Control Agent Architectures Group (CAAR) performs research, development, and testing of software used to manage automated and autonomous operations for terrestrial, aeronautical, and space vehicles, and system processes and activities within these craft. The core of this automation software is centered on an executive that operates the system while monitoring the system state and responding to system state changes. There are two primary approaches to execution: one is to use procedural descriptions that specify what is to be done; the other is to use declarative descriptions that bound what can be done. CAAR is developing architectures that support both approaches, as well as interactions with human users.
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Deployable Autonomy Technologies

Intelligent Robotics
The NASA Ames Intelligent Robotics Group (IRG) is dedicated to exploring extreme environments, remote locations, and uncharted worlds. IRG conducts applied research in a wide range of areas including computer vision, geospatial data, human-robot interaction, interactive 3D visualization, and robot software architecture.
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Planning and Scheduling
The Planning and Scheduling Group builds automated planning and scheduling systems for NASA missions. These planning and scheduling systems are essential components of autonomous spacecraft, deep space probes, planetary rovers, and autonomous vehicles.
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