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The main focus of the NASA Ames Advanced Control and Evolvable Systems (ACES) group is to research, develop, implement, test, and deliver next generation control architectures and avionics hardware. The core competency within the group spans across various intelligent guidance, navigation, and control technologies as well as avionics hardware and software system disciplines. ACES conducts foundational and applied research in adaptive, robust, and optimal control, trajectory guidance and planning, avionics architectures and processes, and evolvable systems towards automated design.

Selected research executed within ACES group include: Adaptive control for safety of flight; Intelligent flight planning and guidance; Intelligent control for improved performance as applied to next generation vehicle designs such as the Hybrid Wing Body and Cruise-efficient Short Take-off and Landing vehicles; Sensor- directed navigation and guidance; Predictive and stochastic optimal controllers for hypersonic vehicles; Lunar common bus architectures; Lunar Orbiter GN&C; Polymorphic Control; Automated design using evolutionary algorithms;

ACES maintains and operates a flight simulation lab, an unmanned aerial vehicle lab, and an evolutionary design lab. ACES researchers also work closely with the Carnegie Mellon innovations laboratory situated in the Carnegie Mellon West Campus.


Group Lead
Nguyen, Nhan

Deputy Group Lead
Kaneshige, John

Group Members
Acosta, Diana
Barlow, Jonathan
Benavides, Jose
Hornby, Greg
Ippolito, Corey
Ishihara, Abe
Krishnakumar, Kalmanje
Lee, Ritchie
Lombaerts, Thomas
Reynolds, Kevin
Sharma, Shivanjli
Steglinski, Mietek
Stepanyan, Vahram
Swei, Sean
Ting, Eric
Trinh, Khanh
Wheeler, Kevin
Yildiz, Yildiray

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