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The Applied Avionics Software Group performs applied research, development, operation, and testing of avionics software for flight missions. We focus on raising the TRL of autonomy technologies and integrating autonomy systems into flight software. The group has experience in developing and deploying avionics software for a wide variety of missions.

The software competencies of the group include:

  • ITAR NASA Class B process-driven software engineering (CMMI L2)
  • Model-based development
  • Spiral-model rapid development approach
  • Real-time embedded software and integration with aircraft and spacecraft systems
  • Automated integrated and unit testing
  • Integration of:
    • Guidance, Navigation and Control Software
    • Propulsion Software
    • Command and Data Handling Software
    • Fault Detection, Isolation, and Recovery Software
    • GSFC Core Flight Software and Executive (cFS/cFE)
    • Ground Data Systems (ITOS, ASIST)

Avionics Software Application Areas include:

  • Small Sats
  • Nano Sats (e.g., CubeSats)
  • Payloads
  • Deployers/Sequencers
  • Launch Vehicles
AAS also conducts applied research in intelligent avionics software system technologies.


Group Lead
Dorais, Greg

Group Members
Bresina, John (adjunct)
Cannon, Howard
Castle, Pat (adjunct)
Christa, Scott
Cohen, Aaron (adjunct)
Crane, Eleanor
Defouw, Greg (adjunct)
D'Ortenzio, Matt
Forman, Doug
Hunt, Rusty
Logan, Michael
Oyadomari, Ken
Pires, Craig
Renema, Fritz
Schreiner, John
Shish, Kimberlee
Soloway, Don
Sorgenfrei, Matthew
Stewart, Helen (adjunct)
Sweet, Adam (adjunct)

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