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Process Asset Library

The Process Asset Library (PAL) is an Intelligent Systems Division repository of documents and tools that can be made available to project teams to facilitate project performance and adherence to agency software requirements and standards. This repository is constantly being updated, both as new document exemplars and tools become available, and as a result of direct user feedback.

Documentation Exemplars

The Software Management Office (SMO) can assist Intelligent Systems Division personnel with obtaining the appropriate PAL exemplars and project support documentation relevant to the software classification, size, and scope of their project. SMO can also help in implementing NASA software engineering and quality assurance procedural requirements, or support with any part of the software lifecycle that might be needed.

The PAL contains project documentation for all classes of software, including:

  • Software development plans
  • Configuration management plans
  • Software assurance plans
  • Requirements specifications
  • Test plans and procedures
  • Software cost estimations
  • Project plans

Division Software Engineering Process & Reference Materials

In addition, the SMO wiki contains helpful reference materials for Division software projects. This includes links to Division-level resources to help guide and document project compliance with NASA Procedural Requirements (NPRs), Ames Procedural Requirements (APRs), and NASA Technical Standards. The wiki page also contains instructions for applying for software releases and for publishing NASA Scientific and Technical Information (STI) series reports, such as NASA Technical Memoranda (TM), as well as links to the TI Software Procedural Requirements (SEPR), a sample Software Development Plan for what to include, the TI Software Sharing page, TI Software Tools, information on the Use of Open Source Software, Division Records Management Instructions, the Division Software Assurance Process (internal and external assurance), and the Division Peer Review Process. For more information about the material provided in these links, please contact Bob Duffy or Greg Orzech.

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