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Publications for the year 2018 (22 out of 716)

Deliverable 2: Mapping the Software Assurance Objectives Hierarchy (SOH) and Risk Informed Safety Case (RISC) Concepts to Applicable Standards
Ewen Denney, Ganeshmadhav Pai, Pat Castle, Martin Feather
Published at: Contractor Report: NASA/CR
Date: 11/13/18
Exploration Ground Data Systems Overview
Tamar Cohen, David Lees
Published at: Oral or Visual Presentation: Brochure; Moffett Field, CA
Date: 11/02/18
Astrobee Facilities Intern Presentation-Astrobee Robot Simulator Profiling
Jonathan Rojas Gonzalez, Andres Mora Vargas
Published at: Oral or Visual Presentation: National Academy of Sciences, Costa Rica
Date: 10/30/18
HTC Vive: Analysis and Accuracy Improvement
Mateus Borges, Andrew Symington, Brian Coltin, Trey Smith, Rodrigo Ventura
Published at: Conference: IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots (IROS); Madrid, Spain
Date: 10/03/18
Towards a Rigorous Basis for Specific Operation Risk Assessment of UAS
Ewen Denney, Ganeshmadhav Pai, Marcus Johnson
Published at: Conference: 37th AIAA/IEEE Digital Avionics Systems Conference: London, UK
Date: 09/24/18
SPHERES-Astrobee-ISSRD-Panel, July 2018
Jose Benavides
Published at: Oral or Visual Presentation; ISS R&D Conference: San Francisco, CA
Date: 07/19/18
Boeing IAWTM Control System Coordination Meeting
Nhan Nguyen, Michael Drew, Nicholas Cramer, Kelley Hashemi
Published at: Oral or Visual Presentation: Boeing Coordination Meeting; Moffett Field, CA
Date: 07/10/18
Item Retrieval as Utility Estimation
Shawn Wolfe, Yi Zhang
Published at: Conference: The 41st International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval; Ann Arbor, MI
Date: 07/09/18
Analysis of Impact of RTC Errors on CTOP Performance
Deepak Kulkarni
Published at: Technical Memorandum (TM): NASA/TM-219943
Date: 06/30/18
Time-Varying Modification of Reference Model for Adaptive Control with Performance Optimization
Nhan Nguyen, Kelley Hashemi
Published at: Conference: American Control Conference 2018; Milwaukee, WI
Date: 06/28/18
Development and Robustness Characterization of a Digital Material Assembly System
Olivia Irene Formoso, Greenfield Trinh, Steven Hu, Kenneth Cheung
Published at: Conference: The 46th North American Research Conference (NAMRC 46); College Station, TX
Date: 06/18/18
Quantum Annealing for Mobility Studies: Generation of go/no-go Maps via Quantum-Assisted Machine Learning
Radu Serban, Adam Wilson, Marcello Benedetti, John Realpe Gomez, Alejandro Perdomo-Ortiz
Published at: NASA TM ~
Date: 05/25/18
Development of an Integrated Nonlinear Aeroservoelastic Flight Dynamic Model of the NASA Generic Transport Model
Nhan Nguyen, Eric Ting
Published at: Conference: 2018 AIAA SciTech Forum; Kissimmee, FL
Date: 01/12/18
Large Deflection Aeroelasticity and Aeroelastic Lifting Line Theory for Examination of Aerodynamic Effects and Nonlinear Limit Cycle Oscillations
Nhan Nguyen, Eric Ting
Published at: Conference: 2018 AIAA SciTech Forum; Kissimmee, FL
Date: 01/11/18
Verification and Validation Challenges for Adaptive Flight Control of Complex Autonomous Systems
Nhan Nguyen
Published at: Conference: 2018 AIAA SciTech Forum; Kissimmee, FL
Date: 01/10/18
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