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Model Based Analysis and Test Generation for Flight Software
Johann Schumann
Published at: ICSE 2009
Date: 05/16/08
A Flexible Evolvable Architecture for Constellation Mission Systems User Applications
Jay Trimble
Published at: SpaceOps 2008
Date: 05/15/08
General Purpose Data-Driven Monitoring for Space Operations
David Iverson
Published at: Infotech@Aerospace
Date: 04/06/08
Parametric Analysis of a Hover Test Vehicle using Advanced Generation and Data Analysis
Karen Gundy-Burlet
Published at: AIAA Infotech@Aerospace Conference and Exhibit
Date: 04/05/08
Bringing Web 2.0 to Government Research: A Case Study
Francesca Barrientos
Published at: CHI 2009
Date: 04/04/08
Online Dectection and Modeling of safety boundaries for Aerospace Application using Bayesian Statistics
Yuning He
Published at: Conference: International Joint Conference on Neural Networks; Killarney, Ireland
Date: 07/12/05
Automated Mars Drilling for IceBreaker
Brian Glass
Planetary Analogs for Drilling Automation Testing
Brian Glass
Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Proof-Carrying Code and Software Certification
Ewen Denney
Published at:
Assessment of Robotic Recon for Human Exploration of the Moon
Terry Fong
Robotic Recon for Human Exploration
Terry Fong
Evaluation of Anomaly Detection Capability for Ground-Based Pre-Launch Shuttle Operations
Rodney Martin
Published at: Book Chapter: IN-TECH: Aerospace Technologies Advancements
Achieving Scalability with Schema-less Databases
David Maluf
Published at: Book Chapter: "Advances in Data Management"
On Organization of Information-Approach and Early Work
Asaf Degani, Charles Jorgensen, David Iverson, Michael Shafto, Leonard Olson
Published at: NASA TM-2009-215368
Local Search for Optimal Global Map Generation Using Mid-Decadal Landsat Images.
Robert Morris, John Gasch, Lina Khatib
Published at: JA: AI Magazine

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