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Tool Support for Parametric Analysis of Large Software Simulation Systems
Johann Schumann
Published at: Automated Software Engineering; Tools Workshop
Date: 09/15/08
Athlete's Feet: Multi-Resolution Planning for a Hexapod Robot
Tristan Smith, Javier Barreiro, DavidE. Smith, Vytas SunSpiral, Daniel Chavez-Clemente
Published at: ICAPS 2008
Date: 09/14/08
A Variable Elimination Approach for Optimal Scheduling With Linear Preferences
Nicolas Meuleau, Robert Morris, Neil Yorke-Smith
Published at: ICAPS 2008
Date: 09/14/08
Speeding Up the Resource Envelope Computation for Activities with Linear Resource Impact
Paul Morris, Jeremy Frank
Published at: ICAPS 2008
Date: 09/14/08
Planning and Monitoring Solar Array Operations on the ISS
Sudhakar Reddy, Michael Iatauro, Elif Kurklu, Matthew Boyce, Jeremy Frank, Ari Jonsson
Published at: Int'l Conference on Automated Planning
Date: 09/14/08
Use of Program Property Assertions for V&V of ISHM
Larry Markosian, Martin Feather
Published at: SAS 08 Verification Workshop
Date: 09/12/08
Field Testing of Utilty Robots for Lunar Surface Operations
Terry Fong, Maria Bualat, Matt Deans, Mark Allan, Xavier Bouyssounouse
Published at: Space 2008
Date: 09/08/08
Safe Reactive Navigation for Lunar and Planetary Robots
Hans Utz
Published at: Space 2008
Date: 09/08/08
FootFall: A Ground Based Operations Toolset Enabling Walking for the ATHLETE Rover
Vytas SunSprial, Daniel Chavez-Clemente, Michael Broxton, Leslie Keely, Patrick Milhelich
Published at: Space 2008
Date: 09/08/08
Automated Data Assimilation and Flight Planning for Multi-Platform Observation Missions
Nikunj Oza, Robert Morris, Anthony Strawa, Elif Kurklu, Leslie Keely
Published at: NASA Earth Science technology Conference
Date: 08/24/08
Towards Certification of a Space System Application of Fault Detection and Isolation
Larry Markosian, Martin Feather
Published at: International Conference on Prognostics and Health
Date: 08/20/08
An Optimal Control Modification to Model-Reference Adaptive Control for fast Adaptation
Nhan Nguyen
Published at: AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference
Date: 08/18/08
Modeling-Error-Driven Performance-Seeking Direct Adaptive Control
Nilesh Kulkarni
Published at: AIAA Guidance Navigation and Control Conf.
Date: 08/18/08
Closing the Certification Gaps in Adaptive Flight Control Software
Steven Jacklin
Published at: 2008 GNC CONFERENCE
Date: 08/18/08
Voyages of Discovery with the Mars Exploration Rovers
William Clancey
Published at: Mars Society Annual Convention
Date: 08/15/08

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