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Publications for the year 2009 (96 out of 613)

Bounded Linear Stability Analysis - A Time Delay Margin Estimation Approach for Adaptive Control
Nhan Nguyen, Abraham Ishihara, Kalmanje Krishnakumar, Maryam Bakhtiari-Nejad
Published at: AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control
Date: 08/10/09
Sensitivity Analysis of Linear Programming and Quadratic Programming Algorighms for Control Allocation
Susan Frost, Marc Bodson
Published at: AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference
Date: 08/10/09
A Practical Comparison of Motion Planning Techniques for Robotic Legs in Enviroments with Obstacles
Tristan Smith, Daniel Chavez-Clemente
Published at: 3rd IEEE International Conference on Space Mission
Date: 07/23/09
Software Health Management - A Short Review of Challenges and Existing Techniques
Ole Mengshoel, Johann Schumann, Knot Pipatsrisawat, Adrian Darwiche
Published at: !st International Workshop on Software Health
Date: 07/21/09
A Formal Analysis of Requirements-Based Testing
Guillaume Brat
Published at: International Symposium on Software Testing
Date: 07/19/09
User-Centric Multi-Criteria Information Retrieval
Shawn Wolfe
Published at: The 32nd Annual ACM SIGIR Conference
Date: 07/19/09
Model Based Analysis and Test Generation for Flight Software
Corina Pasareanu, Johann Schumann, Peter Mehlitz, Michael Lowry, Gabor Karsai
Published at: SMC-IT Conference
Date: 07/19/09
The Future of Software Certification - a Roadmap
Ewen Denney
Published at: Frontiers of Automated Software Engineering
Date: 07/15/09
Introduction to Brahms- Modeling, Simulation and Development of Multi-Agent Systems with Brahms
Maarten Sierhuis
Published at: 2009 Summer Computer Simulation Conference
Date: 07/13/09
Diagnosis and Reconfiguration using Bayesian Networks: An Electrical Power System Case Study
Ole Mengshoel, Bradley Knox
Published at: 21st International Joint Conferences on Artifical Intelligence
Date: 07/13/09
Developing Large-Scale Bayesian Networks by Composition-Fault Diagnosis of Electrical Power Systems in Aircraft & Spacecraft
Ole Mengshoel
Published at: Twenty-first International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-09), SAS09 Workshop
Date: 07/13/09
Generating Code Review Documentation for Auto-Generated Mission-Critical Software
Ewen Denney
Published at: Third IEEE International Conference on Space Mission Challenges for Information Technology
Date: 07/13/09
Abstraction for Efficiently Computing Most Probable Explanations in Bayesian Networks
Ole Mengshoel
Published at: IJCAI/IAAI
Date: 07/11/09
Developing Large-Scale Bayesian Networks by Composition: Fault Diagnosis of Electrical Power Systems in Aircraft and Spacecraft
Ole Mengshoel, Scott Poll, Tolga Kurtoglu
Published at: IJCAI/IAAI-09
Date: 07/11/09
Steady-State ALPS fro Real-Valued Problems
Greg Hornby
Published at: Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference
Date: 07/09/09

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