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Optimal Control Modification Adaptive Law of Time
Nhan Nguyen
Published at: American Control Conference
Date: 06/30/10
MRAC Revisited-Guaranteed Performance with Reference Model Modification
Vahram Stepanyan, Kalmanje Krishnakumar
Published at: American Control Conference
Date: 06/30/10
A Control Allocation Technique To Recover From Pilot Induced Oscillations (CAPIO) Due To Actuator Rate Limiting
Yildiray Yildiz, Ilya Kolmanovsky
Published at: American Control Conference
Date: 06/30/10
Scalable Gaussian Process Regression for Earth Science Data
Kamalika Das, Ashok Srivastava
Published at: MMDS Workshop
Date: 06/15/10
A Model-Based Probabilistic Inversion Framework for Characterizing Wire Fault Detection Using TDR
Stefan Schuet, Dogan Timucin, Kevin Wheeler
Published at: JA: I√MTC 2010 Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement
Date: 06/14/10
Formal Testing for Seperation Assurance
Johann Schumann, Dimitra Giannakopoulou, David Bushnell
Published at: JA: Special Issue Annals of Math and Airt. Intelligence
Date: 06/10/10
ISWHM: Tools and Techniques for Software and System Health Management
Johann Schumann, Ole Mengshoel, Adnan Darwiche
Published at: DASH/Software Health Management TIM 2010
Date: 06/10/10
Slicing and Dicing Bugs in Concurrent Programs
Neha Rungta, Eric Mercer
Published at: 32nd International Conference on Software Engineering
Date: 06/08/10
General Purpose Data-Driven Online System Health Monitoring with Application to Space Operations
David Iverson, Lilijana Spirkovska, Mark Schwabacher
Published at: 53rd Annual ISA POWID Symposium
Date: 06/07/10
Correlated Topics in a Scalable Multidimensional Text Cube- Algorithms and Aviation Safety Case Study
Nikunj Oza, Bo Zhao
Published at: Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Date: 05/28/10
The Role of Enterprise Architecture (EA) for Understanding and Defining Large Projects such as the NASA Con
Ian Sturken, Theodore Kahn
Published at: NASA/ARMY Systems and Software Engineering Forum
Date: 05/22/10
Narrating 'I' and 'We'- Tales From Insurance and Aerospace
Charlotte Linde
Published at: Narrative Matters
Date: 05/19/10
A POMDP for Optimal Motion Planning with Uncertain Dynamics
Nicolas Meuleau, Chris Plaunt, David Smith, Tristan Smith
Published at: Intl Conf on Automated Planning and Scheduline (ICAPS-10)
Date: 05/12/10
Electrical Wire Chafe Fault Detection Analysis
Dogan Timucin, Stefan Schuet, Kevin Wheeler
Published at: Aircraft Airworthiness and Sustainment
Date: 05/04/10
A Model Based Probabilistic Inversion Framework for Wire Fault Detection Using TDR
Stefan Schuet
Published at: International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology
Date: 05/03/10

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