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Modular Infrastructure for Rapid Flight Software Development
Craig Pires
Published at: Adopting Model-Based Design Within Aerospace and Defense (Mathworks)
Date: 03/08/10
Distributed Prognostic Health Management with Gaussian Process Regression
Sankalita Saha, Bhaskar Saha, Abhinav Saxena, Kai Goebel
Published at: IEEE Aerospace Conference
Date: 03/06/10
Evaluating Prognostics Performance for Algorithms Incorporating Uncertainty Estimates
Abhinav Saxena, Jose Celaya-Galvan, Bhaskar Saha, Sankalita Saha, Kai Goebel
Published at: IEEE Aerospace Conference
Date: 03/06/10
The Unique Aspects of Simulation Verification and Validation as Related to Software Verification, Test and Certification
Wen Liu, Michael Lowry, Tom Pressburger, Danny Thomas, Alexia Joiner
Published at: IEEE Aerospace Conference
Date: 03/06/10
Tactics for Hierarchical Proof
Ewen Denney, David Aspinall, Christoph Lüth
Published at: JA: Mathematics in Computer Science
Date: 03/05/10
Trajectory Clustering and an Application to Airspace Monitoring
Ashok Srivastava, Maxime Gariel, Eric Feron
Published at: JA: AIAA Journal of Aerospace Computing, Information and Communication
Date: 03/02/10
Neural Networks in High-Assurance Applications (ed)
Johann Schumann
Published at: Book Chapter: Neural Networks in High-Assurance Applications
Date: 03/01/10
Application of Neural Networks in High Assurance Systems- A Survey
Johann Schumann, Pramod Gupta, Yan Liu
Published at: Book Chapter: Application of Neural Networks in High Assurance Systems
Date: 02/15/10
Data-Driven Online System Health Monitoring for Space Operations
David Iverson
Published at: POWID 2010 Symposium
Date: 02/12/10
A Design Framework for Integrating Instruments, Software, Processes, and Organization in Telerobotic M
William Clancey
Published at: Design Theory Workshop of the International Design Society
Date: 02/01/10
An Alternate Explanation for the Relationship between Householder Transformations and Modified Gram-Schmidt
Eric Barszcz
Published at: JA: SIAM Review
Date: 01/22/10
Planetary exploration rebooted! New ways of exploring the Moon, Mars and beyond
Terry Fong
Published at: Field Robotics Center Seminar
Date: 01/21/10
Planetary Robotics for Human Exploration
Terry Fong
Published at: RIT Honors Seminar
Date: 01/21/10
Software Model Checking of ARINC-653 Flight Code with MCP
Sarah Thompson, Guillaume Brat, Arnaud Venet
Published at: NASA Formal Methods Symposium (NFM 2010)
Date: 01/18/10
Modified Adaptive Control for Region 3 Operation in the Presence of Wind Turbine Structural Modes
Susan Frost, Mark Balas, Alan Wright
Published at: 48th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting
Date: 01/04/10

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