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A Structural Model Decomposition Framework for Hybrid Systems Diagnosis
Matthew Daigle, Anibal Bregon, Indranil Roychoudhury
Published at: Conference: 26th International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis; Paris France
Date: 08/30/15
NASA's ATM Ontology: Semantic Integration and Querying across NAS Data Sources
Richard Keller
Published at: Conference: 2015 Air Transportation Information Exchange Conference; Silver Spring, MD
Date: 08/25/15
A Methodology for the Development of Assurance Arguments for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Ewen Denney, Ganeshmadhav Pai
Published at: Conference: 33rd International System Safety Conference; San Diego, CA
Date: 08/14/15
Space Technology Game Changing Development Human Exploration Telerobotics 2 NASA Facts
Maria Bualat
Published at: Publication NASA Facts
Date: 07/30/15
Space Technology Game Changing Development Astrobee: ISS Robotic Free Flyer NASA Facts
Maria Bualat
Published at: Other: NASA Facts
Date: 07/30/15
A Fast Goal Recognition Technique based on Interaction Estimates
Yolanda Escudero Martin, Maria Rodriguez-Moreno, David Smith
Published at: Conference: International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: 07/25/15
The SeaHorn Verification Framework
Jorge Navas Laserna, Arie Gurfinkel, Temesghen KahsaiAzene, Anvesh Komuravelli
Published at: Conference: CAV-15; San Francisco, CA
Date: 07/18/15
Predicting Time Series Outputs and Time-to-Failure for an Aircraft Controller Using Bayesian Modeling
Yuning He
Published at: Conference: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics; Paris, France
Date: 07/08/15
From Pixels to Planets
Lee Brownston, Jon Jenkins
Published at: Conference: IEEE Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC 2015): Grenoble, France
Date: 07/07/15
Intelligent Hardware-Enabled Sensor and Software Safety and Health Management for Autonomous UAS
Kristin Rozier, Johann Schumann, Corey Ippolito
Published at: NASA STI Report Series: TM #218827
Date: 06/30/15
A Tool for Intersecting Context-Free Grammars and Its Applications
Jorge Navas Laserna, Graeme Gange, Peter Schachte, Harald Sondergaard, Peter Stuckey
Published at: Other: Publication; Proceedings, NASA Formal Methods 2015; Pasadena, CA
Date: 06/30/15
Detection and Modeling of High-dimensional Thresholds for Fault Detection and Diagnosis using Bayesian Statistics
Yuning He
Published at: Conference: International Conference on Prognostics and Health Management; Austin, TX
Date: 06/22/15
Wind Tunnel Investigation of a Flexible Wing High-Lift Configuration with a Variable Camber Continuous Trailing Edge Flap Design
Nhan Nguyen, Nathan Precup, Eli Livne, James Umes, Eric Dickey
Published at: Conference: AIAA Aviation 2015; Dallas TX
Date: 06/22/15
Interval Analysis and Machine Arithmetic: Why Signedness Ignorance is Bliss
Graeme Gange, Jorge Navas Laserna, Peter Schachte, Harald Sondergaard, Peter Stuckey
Published at: Publication: Journal: Theoretical Computer Science Journal
Date: 05/29/15
System Design and Locomotion of SUPERball, an Untethered Tensegrity Robot
Andrew Sabelhaus, Jonathan Bruce, Ken Caluwaerts, Pavlo Manovi, Roya Firoozi, Vytas SunSpiral
Published at: Conference: ICRA 2015; Seattle, WA
Date: 05/26/15

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