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Integrating Systems Health Management with Adaptive Controls for a Utility-scale Wind Turbine
Susan Frost, Kai Goebel, Alan Frost, Mark Balas
Published at: Conference: Infotech@Aerospace 2011; St. Louis MO
Date: 03/28/11
Adaptive Control using Residual Mode Filters Applied to Wind Turbines
Susan Frost, Mark Balas
Published at: Conference: Infotech @Aerospace 2011
Date: 03/28/11
NASA Ames uses Eclipse RCP for Real-time Situational Awareness of Remote Robots
Tamar Cohen
Published at: Conference: EclipseCon 2011; Santa Clara, CA
Date: 03/21/11
Fault Tolerance in ZigBee Wireless Sensor Networks
Richard Alena, Ray Gilstrap, Jarren Baldwin, Thom Stone
Published at: 2011 IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky, MT
Date: 03/11/11
Scalable and Distributed Data Mining
Kamalika Das, Kanishka Bhaduri
Published at: Book Chapter: Data Mining and Machine Learning for Astronomical Applications
Date: 03/09/11
Multiple Damage Progression Paths in Model-based Prognostics
Matt Daigle, Kai Goebel
Published at: IEEE Aerospace Conference
Date: 03/05/11
Model-based Diagnostics for Propellant Loading Systems
Matt Daigle, Michael Foygel, Vadim Smelyanskiy
Published at: IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky MT
Date: 03/05/11
Hybrid Adaptive Flight Control with Model Inversion Adaptation
Nhan Nguyen
Published at: Book Chapter: Advances in Flight Control Systems
Date: 03/01/11
Symbolically Modeling Concurrent MCAPI Executions
Neha Rungta, Topher Fischer, Eric Mercer
Published at: Conference: 16th ACM SIGPLAN Annual Symposium on Principles and Practices of Parallel Programming; San Antonio, TX
Date: 02/28/11
High Speed Lunar Navigation for Crewed and Remotely Piloted Vehicles
Liam Pedersen, Vinh To, Hans Utz
Published at: 10th International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence
Date: 02/23/11
Improving Project Management Using Formal Models and Architectures
Ian Sturken, Theodore Kahn
Published at: Project Management Challenge 2011
Date: 02/09/11
Stable Grounded Inference in Flexible Resource Scheduling
Paul Morris, John Bresina, Javier Barreiro
Published at: Conference: AAAI-2011 Conference, San Francisco, CA
Date: 02/08/11
Optimal Level-Crossing Prediction for Jump Linear MIMO Dynamical
Rodney Martin
Published at: Journal Article: IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics~Part C: Applications and Reviews
Date: 01/31/11
Development and Field Testing of the Footfall Planning System for the ATHLETE Robots
Vytas SunSpiral, Dawn Wheeler, Daniel Chavez-Clemente, David Mittman
Published at: Journal Article: Journal of Field Robotics
Date: 01/30/11
Building a Safety Case for a Safety-Critical NASA Space Vehicle Software System
Martin Feather, Larry Markosian
Published at: Conference: SMC-IT 2011:IEEE International Conference on Space Mission Challenges for Information Technology; Palo Alto, CA
Date: 01/17/11

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