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Publications for the year 2017 (28 out of 710)

SPHERES/Astrobee Working Group (SAWG) presentation
Jose Benavides
Published at: Oral or Visual Presentation: SPHERES/Astrobee Working Group; Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA
Date: 08/23/17
Astrobee Guest Science
Jonathan Barlow, Jose Benavides, Chris Provencher, Maria Bualat, Trey Smith
Published at: Conference: ISS R&D Conference: Washington, DC
Date: 07/18/17
Multi-Objective Flight Control for Drag Minimization and Load Alleviation of High-Aspect Ratio Flexible Wing Aircraft
Nhan Nguyen, Eric Ting, Daniel Chaparro Espinoza, Michael Drew, Sean Swei
Published at: Conference: AIAA SciTech 2017; Grapevine, TX
Date: 07/09/17
Fuzzy Model-Based Optimal Variance Control for Smart Airfoil Model Subject to Input Constraints
Sean Swei, Mohammad Ayoubi
Published at: Conference: 2017 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems; Naples, Italy
Date: 07/09/17
Developing a 3-DOF Compliant Perching Arm for a Free-Flying Robot on the International Space Station
In Won Park, Trey Smith, Hugo Sanchez, Sze Wun Wong, Pedro Piacenza
Published at: Conference: IEEE International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics: Munich, Germany
Date: 07/03/17
Performance Optimizing Adaptive Control with Time-Varying Reference Model Modification
Nhan Nguyen, Kelley Hashemi
Published at: Conference: The 18th Yale Workshop on Adaptive and Learning Systems; New Haven,CT
Date: 06/21/17
Desktop Exploration of Remote Terrain (DERT)
Leslie Keely, Laurence Edwards, Michael Malin
Published at: Conference: 3rd Planetary Data Workshop; Flagstaff, AZ
Date: 06/11/17
Making the Case for a Risk-based Approach to the Safety of Small Unmanned Aircraft System Operations
Ewen Denney, Ganeshmadhav Pai, Reece Clothier
Published at: Conference: AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration & Ops Conference; Denver, CO
Date: 06/05/17
Automated Analysis of Stateflow Models
Hamza Bourbouh, Pierre-Loic Garoche, Christophe Garion, Arie Gurfinkel, Temesghen KahsaiAzene
Published at: Conference: LPAR-21; Maun, Botswana
Date: 05/07/17
Flight Control of Flexible Aircraft
Nhan Nguyen
Published at: Oral or Visual Presentation: NESC GNC Meeting; NASA ARC Moffett Field, CA
Date: 01/25/17
Stall Recovery Guidance Using Fast Model Predictive Control
Stefan Schuet, Thomas Lombaerts, John Kaneshige, Kimberlee Shish, Vahram Stepanyan
Published at: Conference: AIAA SciTech 2017; Grapevine, TX
Date: 01/09/17
Estimation, Navigation and Control of Multi-Rotor Drones in an Urban Wind Field
Vahram Stepanyan, Kalmanje Krishnakumar
Published at: Conference: AIAA SciTech 2017; Grapevine, TX
Date: 01/09/17
A Programmable Resilient High-Mobility SDN+NFV Architecture for UAV Telemetry Monitoring
Ewen Denney, Kyle White, Dimitrios Pezaro, Matthew Knudson
Published at: Conference: The 14th Annual IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference; Las Vegas, NV
Date: 01/08/17
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