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Requirement Flowdown for Prognostics Health Management
Abhinav Saxena, Indranil Roychoudhury, Jose Celaya-Galvan, Kai Goebel, Bhaskar Saha
Published at: Conference: AIAA @Infotec 2012; Garden Grove, CA
Date: 06/18/12
An Integrated Model-Based Distributed Diagnosis and Prognosis Framework
Anibal Bregon, Matthew Daigle, Indranil Roychoudhury
Published at: Conference: The 23rd International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis DX2012; Great Malvern, UK
Date: 06/14/12
Sarah Thompson
Published at: Video Program
Date: 06/07/12
Memoized Symbolic Execution
Corina Pasareanu, Guowei Yang, Sarfraz Khurshid
Published at: Conference: 34th Intl Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2012); Zurich Switzerland
Date: 06/02/12
Symbolic PathFinder: Integrating Symbolic Execution with Model Checking for Java Bytecode Analysis
Corina Pasareanu, Willem Visser, David Bushnell, Jaco Geldenhuys, Peter Mehlitz
Published at: Journal Article: Automated Software Engineering; Springer
Date: 06/01/12
Modeling Multiple Human-Automation Distributed Systems using Network-form Games
Guillaume Brat
Published at: Conference: FormaIH; London England
Date: 05/18/12
Statechart Analysis with Symbolic PathFinder
Corina Pasareanu
Published at: Conference: 4th Workshop on Contraints in Software Testing Verification, and Analysis; Montreal Canada
Date: 04/21/12
Symbolic Execution with Interval Solving and Meta-heuristic Search
Mateus Borges, Marcelo D'amorim, Anand Saswat, David Bushnell, Corina Pasareanu
Published at: Conference: 5th International Conference on Software Testing, Verification, & Validation; Montreal Canada
Date: 04/18/12
Integrating Statechart Components in Polyglot
Corina Pasareanu, Tom Pressburger, Michael Lowry, Gabor Karsai, Daniel Balasubramanian
Published at: Conference: 4th NASA Formal Methods 2012; Norfolk, VA
Date: 04/03/12
Mathematical and Critical Physics Analysis of Engineering Problems: Old-New Way of Doing Things
Vadim Smelyanskiy, Viatcheslav Osipov, Dmitry Luchinsky, Vasyl Hafiychuk
Published at: NASA STI Report ~ TM #
Date: 04/01/12
Voyages of Scientific Discovery with the Mars Exploration Rovers
William Clancey
Published at: Oral or Visual Presentation: Science & Technology Member-Led Forum; San Francisco, CA
Date: 02/27/12
Shielded-Twisted-Pair Cable Model for Chafe Fault Detection Via Time-Domain Reflectometry
Dogan Timucin, Kevin Wheeler, Stefan Schuet
Published at: NASA STI Report ~ TM #216001
Date: 02/01/12
Optimal Control Modification for Time-Scale Separated Systems
Nhan Nguyen
Published at: Journal Article: Research Disclosure
Date: 01/31/12
Symbolic Execution Enhanced System Testing
Misty Davies, Vishwanath Raman, Corina Pasareanu
Published at: Conference: Verified Software: Theories, Tools and Experiments; Philadelphia, PA
Date: 01/27/12
A Knowledge-Based System Approach for Sensor Fault Modeling, Detection and Mitigation
Jonny da Silva, Abhinav Saxena, Edward Balaban, Kai Goebel
Published at: Journal Article: Expert Systems with Applications
Date: 01/26/12

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