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Remaining Useful Life Estimation in Prognosis An Uncertainty Propagation Problem
Shankar Sankararaman, Kai Goebel
Published at: Conference: AIAA Infotech@Aerospace 2013; Boston MA
Date: 08/19/13
Predictor-Model-Based Least-Squares Model-Reference Adaptive Control with Chebyshev Orthogonal Polynomial Approximation
Nhan Nguyen
Published at: Conference: AIAA@Infotech; Boston MA
Date: 08/19/13
Coupled Vortex-Lattice Flight Dynamic Model with Aeroelastic Finite-Element Model of FlexibleWing Transport Aircraft with Variable Camber Continuous Trailing Edge Flap for Drag Reduction
Nhan Nguyen, Eric Bi-Wen Ting, Daniel Nguyen, Tung Xuan Dao, Khanh Trinh
Published at: Conference: AIAA Atomspheric Flight Mechanics Conference; Boston, MA
Date: 08/19/13
Developing IVHM Requirements for Aerospace Systems
Abhinav Saxena, Indranil Roychoudhury, Kai Goebel, Wei Lin
Published at: Conference: AIAA@Infotech; Boston MA
Date: 08/18/13
Simple Sensitivity Analysis for Orion GNC
Tom Pressburger, Brian Hoelscher, Rodney Martin, Sricharan Kumar
Published at: Conference: AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference; Boston, MA
Date: 08/18/13
Validating an Air Traffic Management Concept of Operation Using Statistical Modeling
Yuning He, Misty Davies
Published at: Conference: AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies; Boston MA
Date: 08/17/13
Super Ball Bot-structures for Planetary Landing and Exploration - Final Report
Adrian Agogino, Vytas SunSpiral, David Atkinson
Published at: Other Technical Report; Grantee Report
Date: 08/01/13
Photos of June 2013 Parabolic Flight Campaign (Flight Opportunities Program)
Alex Van Dijk
Published at: Publication: Public Web Site;
Date: 08/01/13
Data Mining for Understanding and Improving Decision-making Affecting Ground Delay Programs
Deepak Kulkarni, Yao Wang, Banavar Sridhar
Published at: NASA STI Report Series: TM
Date: 07/31/13
The Role and Impact of Software Coding Standards On System Integrity
Andre Goforth
Published at: Publication: Journal Article; AIAA Info Tech 2013
Date: 07/31/13
Evolving Systems: Nonlinear adaptive key component control with persistent disturbance rejection
Susan Frost, Mark Balas
Published at: Journal Article: Special Issue in Honor of Jer-Nan Juang, Journal of Astronautical Science
Date: 07/13/13
Regression Verification using Impact Summaries
John David Backes, Suzette Person, Neha Rungta, Oksana Tkachuk
Published at: Conference: 25th International Conference on Computer Aided Verification (CAV 2013); St. Petersburg, Russia
Date: 07/12/13
OCSEGen: Open Components and Systems Environment Generator
Oksana Tkachuk
Published at: Conference: International Workshop on the State Of the Art in Java Program Analysis (SOAP); Seattle, WA
Date: 06/20/13
Adaptive disturbance tracking theory with state estimation and state feedback for region II control of large wind turbines
Mark Balas, Kaman Thapa Magar, Susan Frost
Published at: Conference: 2013 American Control Conference; Washington, D.C
Date: 06/17/13
Human and Robotic Mission to Small Bodies: Mapping, Planning and Exploration
Ara Nefian, Julie Bellerose, Ross Beyer, Terry Fong, Brent Archinal, Laurence Edwards, Pascal Lee, Anthony Colaprete
Published at: NASA STI Report Series: TM–2013–216538
Date: 06/14/13

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