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Adaptive Stress Testing of Trajectory Predictions in Flight Management Systems
Ritchie Lee, Robert Moss, Mykel Kochenderfer
Published at: Conference: 39th digital Avionics Systems Conference; San Antonio, TX
Date: 10/13/20
Actor-based Runtime Verification with MESA
Nastaran Shafiei
Published at: 20th International Conference on Runtime Verification
Date: 10/06/20
SMARt-STEReO: PreliminaryModel Description
Daniel Hulse, Misty Davies, Sequoia Andrade, Walsh Hannah
Published at: NASA Technical Memorandum
Date: 09/30/20
SMARt-STEReO: Preliminary Concept of Operations
Hannah Walsh
Published at: NASA Technical Memorandum
Date: 09/30/20
A Machine Learning Approach to Predict Martensitic Transition Temperatures for Shape Memory Alloys
Joshua Hopkins, Othmane Benafan, John Lawson
Published at: Conference; International Materials Applications & Technologies 2020; Cleveland, OH
Date: 09/14/20
Bridging the Gap Between Requirements and Simulink Model Analysis
Anastasia Mavridou, Hamza Bourbouh, Pierre-Loic Garoche, Dimitra Giannakopoulou, Johann Schumann
Published at: Conference Paper; 26th International Working Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundations for Software Quality
Date: 07/23/20
Capturing & Analyzing Requirements with FRET
Dimitra Giannakopoulou
Published at: Presentation; NASA SWS technical seminar
Date: 05/08/20
MBSwE for Autonomous Systems withReuse: Software Assurance BestPractices and Gaps Technical Report on Gap Analysis
Johann Schumann, Yuning He
Published at: Contractor Report (CR)
Date: 04/16/20
The Ten Lockheed Martin Cyber-Physical Challenges: Formalized, Analyzed, and Explained
Anastasia Mavridou, Hamza Bourbouh, Dimitra Giannakopoulou, Tom Pressburger, Mohammad Hejase, Johann Schumann, Pierre-Loic Garoche
Published at: Conference Paper; 28th IEEE International Requirements Engineering
Date: 04/16/20
Generation of Formal Requirements from Structured Natural Language
Dimitra Giannakopoulou, Tom Pressburger, Anastasia Mavridou, Johann Schumann
Published at: Conference: 26th REFSQ-2020; Pisa, Italy
Date: 03/24/20
Formal Requirements Elicitation with FRET
Anastasia Mavridou, Dimitra Giannakopoulou, Tom Pressburger, Johann Schumann, Nija Shi
Published at: Conference: 26th REFSQ-2020; Pisa, Italy
Date: 03/24/20
Androgynous Fasteners for Robotic Structural Assembly
Olivia Irene Formoso, Christine Gregg, Greenfield Trinh, Arno Rogg, Kenneth Cheung
Published at: Conference: IEEE Aerospace Conference; Big Sky, MT
Date: 03/13/20
Robotic Specialization in Autonomous Robotic Structural Assembly
Shahar Ben-Menahem, Greenfield Trinh, Christine Gregg, Olivia Irene Formoso, Kenneth Cheung
Published at: Conference: IEEE Aerospace Conference; Big Sky, MT
Date: 03/09/20
Analysis of Sample Acquisition Dynamics Using Discrete Element Method
Damiana Catanoso, Thomas Stucky, Sofia Cassel, Arno Rogg
Published at: Conference: 2020 IEEE Aero Conference; Big Sky, MT
Date: 03/06/20
Avoiding Overfitting in Automated Program Repair using Formal Methods
Corina Pasareanu, Amirfarhad Nilizadeh, Xuan-Bach Le, Gary Leavens, David Cok
Published at: Journal Article: Software Engineering; IEEE Computer Society
Date: 02/28/20

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