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Estimation, Navigation and Control of Multi-Rotor Drones in an Urban Wind Field
Vahram Stepanyan, Kalmanje Krishnakumar
Published at: Conference: AIAA SciTech 2017; Grapevine, TX
Date: 01/09/17
SPHERES Astrobee Working Group presentation
Jose Benavides
Published at: Oral or Visual Presentation: SPHERES/Astrobee Working Group; Moffett Field, CA
Date: 11/10/16
Localization from Visual Landmarks on a Free-flying Robot
Brian Coltin, Jesse Fusco, Zachary Moratto, Oleg Alexandrov, Robert Nakamura
Published at: Conference: Int. Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2016); Daejeon, Korea
Date: 10/09/16
System-level Prognostics for the National Airspace
Matthew Daigle, Shankar Sankararaman, Indranil Roychoudhury
Published at: Conference: Annual Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society 2016 (PHM 2016); Denver, CO
Date: 10/01/16
Safety Considerations for Ground-based Detect and Avoid during UAS Operations
Ewen Denney, Ganeshmadhav Pai
Published at: Conference: DASC 2016; Sacramento, CA
Date: 09/25/16
A Fast-time Simulation and Safety Analysis Framework for Air Traffic Management Concepts
Neha Rungta, Eric Mercer, Arnaud Hamon, Paul Lee
Published at: Conference: DASC 2016; Sacramento, CA
Date: 09/25/16
Ontologies for Aviation Data Management
Richard Keller
Published at: Conference: 35th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC); Sacramento, CA
Date: 09/25/16
Composition of Safety Argument Patterns
Ewen Denney, Ganeshmadhav Pai
Published at: Conference: SafeComp 2016; Trondheim, Norway
Date: 09/21/16
NASA Demoof Multi-Objective Flight Control for Drag Minimization and Load Alleviation
Nhan Nguyen, Eric Bi-Wen Ting, Daniel Chaparro Espinoza, Michael Drew, Sean Swei
Published at: Oral or Visual Presentation: NASA Demo of Multi-Objective Flight Control; NASA Ames
Date: 09/02/16
Productive Information Foraging
Padraig (Michael) Furlong, Michael Dille
Published at: NASA STI Report Series: TM #
Date: 08/15/16
Architecting a Safety Case for UAS Flight Operations
Ewen Denney, Ganeshmadhav Pai
Published at: Conference: 34th International System Safety Conference; Orlando, FL
Date: 08/08/16
Characterization of Stereo Vision Performance for Roving at the Lunar Poles
Uland Wong, Ara Nefian, Padraig (Michael) Furlong, Laurence Edwards, Xavier Bouyssounouse
Published at: Conference: Airline Operations Workshop; Moffett Field, CA
Date: 07/20/16
Qualitative Fault Isolation of Hybrid Systems: A Structural Model Decomposition-Based Approach
Anibal Bregon, Matthew Daigle, Indranil Roychoudhury
Published at: Conference: Third European Conference of the PHM Society; Bilbao, Spain
Date: 07/05/16
Normalized Optimal Control Modification and Flight Experiments on NASA FA-18 Aircraft
Nhan Nguyen, Curtis Hanson, John Burken, Jacob Schaefer
Published at: Journal Article: Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics; AIAA
Date: 07/04/16
Semantic Representation and Scale-up of Integrated Air Traffic Management Data
Richard Keller, Shubha Ranjan, Mei Yueh Wei, Michelle Eshow
Published at: Conference: International Workshop on Semantic Big Data; San Francisco, CA;
Date: 07/01/16

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