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Integrating System Health Management into the Early Design of Aerospace Systems Using Functional Fault Analysis - 05/14/08
Metrics for Evaluating Performance of Prognostic Techniques - 05/14/08
Health Management for Wire Insulator Integrity - 04/28/08
Assume Guarantee Verification for Interface Automata - 04/10/08
Automation for Spacecraft Operations: Needs, Risks & Options - 04/10/08
Prognostics in Battery Health Management - 04/10/08
Adaptive Key Component control and Inheritance of Almost Strict Passivity in Evolving Systems - 04/10/08
Classification of Aeronautics System Health and Safety Documents - 04/10/08
Game-Theoretic Management of Interacting Adaptive Systems - 04/10/08
Non-Rationality in Non-Repeated Games - 04/10/08
Physical Limits of Inference - 04/10/08
Statistical Prediction of the Outcome of a Game - 04/10/08
Intelligent Software Engineering Tools for NASA's Crew Exploration Vehicle - 04/10/08
Analysis of Historical ISS Problem Reports for Insights Into Spacecraft Integrated Acceptance Testing Effectiveness - 04/09/08
Fault Tolerance of Relative Navigation Sensing in Docking Approach of Spacecraft - 04/09/08
Intelligent Systems for Advanced Mission Operations - 04/09/08
Contraint Handling using Tournament Selection: Abductive Inference in Partly Deterministic Bayesian Networks - 04/09/08
The Crowding Approach to Niching In Genetic Algorithms - 04/09/08
Understanding the Role of Noise In Stochastic Local Search: Analysis and Experiments - 04/09/08
Comparison of Prognostic Algorithms for Estimating Remaining Useful Life of Batteries - 04/09/08
Some Properties of Multilayerd Patterns (of information): Insights From Medieval Architecture - 04/09/08
Automation for Operations - 04/09/08
Cost-Benefits of Automation for Surface Operations: Preliminary Results - 04/09/08
Local Search for Optimal Global Map Generation Using Mid-Decadal Landsat Images - 04/09/08
Learning to Improve Earth Observation Flight Planning - 04/09/08
A Tactic Language for Hiproofs - 04/09/08
Constructing a Safety Case for Automaticall Generated Code from Formal Program Verification Information - 04/09/08
Explaining Verification Conditions - 04/09/08
Diagnosing Faults in electrical Power Systems of Spacecraft and Aircraft - 04/09/08
OperA and Brahms: a symphony? Integrating Organizational & emergent Views on Agent-Based Modeling - 04/09/08
DataMining Apoplications for Space Mission Operations System Health Monitoring - 03/28/08
Model-Based Diagnostics for Wire Health Management - 03/27/08
Planetary Drilling Automation Blind Tests - 03/14/08
Modeling-Error-Driven Performance-Seeking Direct Adaptive Control - 03/06/08
Macroscopic Models of Clique Tree Growth for Bayesian Networks - 03/06/08
Combining Unit-level Symbolic Execution and System-level Concrete Execution for Testing NASA Software - 03/04/08
Situated Information Search & Access for Space Station & Shuttle Mission Operations Personnel - 03/04/08
Parametric Analysis of Antares Re-Entry Guidance Algorithms Using Advanced Test Generation and Data Analysis - 02/14/08
A Comparison of Three Data-Driven Algorithms for Prognostics - 02/14/08
Program Model Checking: A Practioner's Guide - 02/13/08
Portfolios in Stochastic Local Search: Efficiently Computing Most Probable Explanations in Bayesian Networks - 02/13/08
Integrated Flight Dynamic Modeling of Flexible Aircraft with Inertial Force-Propulsion-Aeroelastic Coupling - 01/24/08
Diagnosing Faults in electrical Power Systems of Spacecraft and Aircraft - 01/24/08
A Multiagent Simulation of Collaborative Air Traffic Flow Management - 01/17/08
Costs and Benefits of Model-based Diagnostics - 01/17/08
Deriving Safety Cases for the Formal Safety Certification of Automatically Generated Code - 01/17/08
Adaptive Control for ESTOL Abstractions -- Performance Analysis - 01/17/08
Advanced Diagnostic and Prognostic Testbed (ADAPT) Testability Analysis Report - 01/17/08
Uncertainty Management for Diagnostics and Prognostics of Batteries using Bayesian Techniques - 01/17/08
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