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Service-Oriented Architecture Supporting a Lunar Analog Field Test - 12/21/07
Effective Data Representations and Compression in Ground Data Systems - 12/21/07
What is Next in Autonomous Control Techniques? - 12/21/07
The Ares I Abort Failure Detection, Confirmation and Response System: An Overview of the Development Process - 12/21/07
The ANML Language - 12/21/07
Morphic Control Reconfiguration in an Autonomous UAV with UGV Collaboration - 12/21/07
Sensor Validation Using Bayesian Networks - 12/14/07
Quantification of Uncertainty in Idendifyin and Extracting Gravitational Wave Signals for Astrophysical Sources using LISA - 12/14/07
Ensemble Data Mning Methods - 12/14/07
Computer-Automated Evolution of an X-Band Antenna for NASA's Space Technology 5 Mission - 12/14/07
Managing Unstructured Data with Structured Legacy Systems - 12/14/07
An Ontology for Traffic Flow Management - 12/14/07
Mobile APAgents Field Experiment at Desert-Rats 2006 Video - 12/10/07
Working with a Rover on Mars [short version title: Mars Exploration Rover(MER)] - 12/10/07
Wireless Avionics and Human Interfaces for Inflatable Spacecraft - 12/10/07
Software Development Infrastructure for Small Spacecraft - 11/29/07
It Can Be Smart To Be Dumb - 11/29/07
An Ontology Mapping Approach to Integrating Earth Science Metadata - 11/29/07
To BDI of Not to BDI: Design Choices in an Angen-Based Traffic Flow Management Simulation - 11/29/07
Methods for Making Predictions: Model Based Methods, Data Driven Methods and Hybrid Approaches - 11/20/07
A Heuristic Search Approach to Planning with Continuous Resources in Stochastic Domains - 11/16/07
Trust Your Model - UML Verification with Java Pathfinder - 11/16/07
Formal Methods for the Certification of Auto-generated Flight Code - 11/15/07
IVHM Technical Accomplishments - 11/15/07
Overview of Hypersonic Project: GNC - 11/08/07
Model-Based Diagnostics for Wire Health Management - 11/08/07
Human-Robotic Systems for Lunar Surface Operations - 11/08/07
A Software Safety Certification Tool for Automatically Generated Guidance, Navigation and Control Code - 11/08/07
Application of Data Mining Algorithms to Detect Fault Scenarios in Electrical Power Systems - 10/29/07
Detection and Prognostics on Low Dimensional Systems - 10/29/07
Improving the Scalability of Generative Represnetations - 10/19/07
Modularity, Reuse and Hierachy: Measuring Complexity by Measuring Structure and Organization - 10/19/07
Symbolic Execution and Model Checking for Testing - 10/11/07
Simulated Lunar Robotic Survey at Terrestrial Analog Sites - 10/11/07
Xsearch: A Search for Searching and Interrelating NASA Mission Operations Data - 10/11/07
System Health Monitoring for Space Mission Operations - 10/11/07
Mobile Agents Integrate Astronauts, Rover, and Mission Support in Desert-Rats Mission Simulation - 09/17/07
A Formal Analysis Framework for PLEXIL - 09/17/07
Learning to Divide & Conquer (temp title) - 09/17/07
ISHM Technology Maturation - 09/17/07
A Survey of Artificial Intelligence for Prognostice - 09/17/07
A Bayesian Framework for Remaining Useful Life Estimation - 09/17/07
Investigation of Optimal Alarm System Performance for Anomaly Detection - 09/17/07
Probabilistic Temporal Planning - 09/12/07
HyDE Model of ADAPT - 09/11/07
Data Mining @ NASA - 09/11/07
Hybrid Adaptive Flight Control with Bounded Linear Stability Analysis - 09/11/07
MDRS49 Power Agents Video - 08/21/07
The Perils of Discrete Resource Models - 08/21/07
Developing Domain-Independent Search Control for Europa2 - 08/21/07
Deicsion Support Systems for Launch and Range Operations Using JESS - 08/21/07
Gravitational Wave Signal identification and transformations in time-frequency domain - 08/21/07
An Integrated Approach to Battery Health Monitoring Using Bayesian Regression and State Estimation - 08/21/07
Active and Passive Constraint Enforcement for Activity Planning - 08/21/07
Neural Net Adaptive Flight Control Stability, Verification and Validation Challenges and Future Research - 08/14/07
Into the Beyond: A Crewed Mission to a Near~Earth Object - 08/14/07
Toward Automatic Generation of User Interfaces: Abstraction of Internal States and Transitions - 07/17/07
Improved Linear Algebra Methods for Redshift Computation from Limited Spectrum Data-II - 07/17/07
Estimating Remaining Useful Life using Data-driven Techniques - 07/17/07
Case Breach Fault Model and Diagnostic For The Solid Rocket - 07/13/07
Advanced Diagnostics and Prognostics Testbed - 07/10/07
Predicting the Outcome of a Game - 07/05/07
Bias-Variance trade-offs: Novel Applications - 07/05/07
Advances in Distributed Optimization Using Probability Collectives - 07/05/07
Adaptive Metropolis Sampling and Optimization with Product Distributions - 07/05/07
Ascent Summary Data Analysis Tool (ASDAT) for Shuttle Wing Leading Edge Impact Detection - 07/05/07
Making Predictions at the Edge of Chaos - 07/05/07
Aging Aircraft Wiring Fault Detection Survey - 06/21/07
Measuring Complexity by Measuring Structure and Organization - 06/21/07
Comparing Route Selection Strategies in Collaborative Traffic Flow Management - 06/21/07
Experiences in the Static Analysis of Embedded Software - 06/12/07
Software Verification for Space Applications Part I: Static Analysis - 06/12/07
Software Verification for Space Applications Part II: Autonomous Systems - 06/12/07
Hybrid Damage Adaptive Flight Control with Model Inversion Adaption - 06/12/07
Bayesian Inferential Framework for Diagnosis fo Non-Stationary Systems - 06/05/07
Local Search for Optima Global Map Generation Using Mid-Decadal Landsat Images - 06/05/07
National Research Council's Assessment of NASA's Aviation Safety Program - 06/05/07
Abstraction Integration and Organization of Information for Display: Approach and Emerging Methodologies - 06/05/07
Self-Healing Approaches for FPGA's and Wiring Manifolds - 06/01/07
Model Based Bayesian Approach for In-Flight SRB Integrated Health Management - 06/01/07
Automatic Discovery of Anomalies Reported in Aerospace Systems Health and Safety Documents - 06/01/07
HyDE-A General Purpose Framework for Stochastic and Hybrid Diagnosis - 06/01/07
Preliminary Evaluation of an Aviation Safety Thesaurus' Utility for Enhancing Automated Processing of Incident Reports - 06/01/07
MARTE: Technology Development and Lessons Learned from a Mars Drilling Mission Simulation - 06/01/07
Advanced Diagnostics and Prognostics Testbed - 06/01/07
Data Management and Decision Support for the In-Flight SRM - 05/25/07
Results of the First Survey of Practitioners of Evolutionary Computation - 05/25/07
Analysis of Wing Leading Edge Impact Data - 05/25/07
A High-Level Certification Language for Automatically Generated Code - 05/17/07
Evaluating UAS Autonomy Operations Software in Simulation - 05/17/07
Small Spacecraft in Support of the Lunar Exploration Program - 05/11/07
A Piloted Orion Flight to a Near-Earth Object: A Feasiblity Study - 05/07/07
Intelligent Systems for Advanced Mission Operations - 05/07/07
Pitfalls of JESS for Dynamic Systems - 05/07/07
Artificial Immune System Approach for Air Combat Maneuvering - 05/07/07
Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Developmental Systems - 04/20/07
Bounding the Resource Availability of Activities with Linear Resource Impact - 04/20/07
A State-Space Approach to Optimal Level-Crossing Prediction for Linear Gaussian Processes - 04/20/07
Comparison of Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Methods for Systems Health Management Using Space Shuttle Main Engine Data - 04/20/07
The MCP Model Checker - 04/17/07
Refining Interface Alphabets for Compositional Verification - 03/28/07
Content Based Image Matching for Planetary Science - 03/28/07
Toward the Computer-Automated Design of Sophisticated Systems by Enabling Structural Organization - 03/28/07
Model-Based Fault Detection and Diagnosis Sytemm for NASA Subsurface Drill Prototype - 03/28/07
Communications for Integrated Modular Avionics - 03/28/07
Testing Planning Domains (Without Model Checkers) - 03/21/07
Fault Tolerant Relative Navigation Using Inertial and Relative Sensors - 03/21/07
A Software Safety Certification Plug-in for Automated Code Generators (Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design) - 03/21/07
Computational Method for Non-Conservation Form of 1-D Unsteady Euler Equations for Closed-Loop Transport Systems - 03/08/07
Lessons from Applying Modern Software Methods and Technologies to Robotics - 02/28/07
Improving Program Model Checking Using Design-for-Verification A Case Study with NASA Flight Software - 02/28/07
FFIP: A Framework For Early Assessment of Functional Failures in Complex Sytemes - 02/22/07
Unsupervised Anomaly Detection and Diagnosis for Liquid Rocket Engine Propulsion - 02/22/07
Recurring Anomaly Detection System - Text Clustering & Recurring Anomaly Detection - 02/22/07
Exploring the Robustness of Risk Reduction Strategies - 02/07/07
Evaluating Spacecraft Crewstation Designs with a Simulator Driven by an AI Reactive Controller - 02/07/07
Autonomous Robotic Inspection for Lunar Surface Operations - 02/07/07
Predicate Abstraction with Under-Approximation Refinement - 02/07/07
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