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Artificial Immune System Based Approach for Air Combat Maneuvering - 12/19/06
Classification of Damage Signatures in Composite Plates using One-Class SVMs - 12/19/06
Searching Across the Internaional Space Station Database - 12/19/06
NASA World Wind: Opensource GIS for Mission Operations - 12/18/06
Earned Value Management at NASA: An Integrated, Lightweight Solution - 12/18/06
SemanticOrganizer: A Semantically Structured Information Repository for Distributed NASA Project Teams - 12/18/06
Exploring the Robustness of Risk Reduction Strategies - 11/17/06
Recent Advances in Mining Aviation Safety Data - 11/14/06
Geospatial Information Integration for Science Activity Plaanning at the Mars Desert Research Station - 11/14/06
Supporting Air Traffic Flow Management with Agents - 11/14/06
Wordplay: An Examination of Semantic Approaches to Classify Safety Reports - 11/14/06
Power System Agents: The Mobile Agents 2006 Field Test at MDRS - 11/14/06
Tracking Collaborative Decision Making by Capturing Asset Deployment Rationale - 11/14/06
Robustness of Model-Based Risk Reduction Strategies - 11/07/06
Planning Applications for Three Mars Missions with Ensemble - 09/11/06
Optimal Control of One-Dimensional Model of Stator Flow Using Air Injection - 09/11/06
Intelligent Rover Execution for the Detection of Life in the Atacama Desert - 09/11/06
Advanced Technologies for Future Spacecraft Cockpits and Space-Based Control Centers - 09/11/06
Universal Executive & Plexil: Engine & Language for Robust Spacecraft Control & Operations - 09/11/06
Human-Robot Site Survey and Sampling for Space Exploration - 09/11/06
Automated Antenna Design with Evolutionary Algorithms - 09/11/06
Model-Unified Planning and Execution for Distributed Autonomous System Control - 09/11/06
If You've Got it, Use it - 08/28/06
Model Predictive Optimal Control of a Time-Delay Distributed-Parameter System - 08/18/06
Singular-Arc Time-Optimal Trajectory of Aircraft in Two-Dimensional Wind Field - 08/18/06
Dynamics and Adaptive Control for Stability Recovery of Damaged Aircraft - 08/18/06
LISA Framework for Enhancing Gravitational Wave Signal Extraction Techniques - 08/18/06
Are you talking to me? Dialogue Systems Supporting Mixed Teams of Humans and Robots - 08/18/06
DAME: Planetary-Prototype Drilling Automation - 08/09/06
Executive Modular Control of Heterogeneous Spacecraft Components and Agents - 08/09/06
Continuous Adjoint-based Optimization of Hyperbolic Equations with Nonlinear Diffferential Equation Constraints on Periodic Boundary Conditions - 08/09/06
Diagnostic Technology Evaluation for On-Board Crew Launch Vehicle - 08/02/06
Mission Operations Planning with Preferences: An Empirical Study - 06/30/06
Clustering & Recurring Anomaly Identification: Recurring Anomaly Detection System (ReADS) - 06/30/06
Semantic Integration of Heterogeneous NASA Mission Data Sources - 06/30/06
A Modular Robotic System with Applications to Space Exploration - 06/28/06
Shortcomings with Using Edge Encodings to Represent Graph Structures - 06/28/06
The Future of AI in Space - 06/28/06
Clear Speaking About Machines: People are Exploring Mars, Not Robots - 06/28/06
Prototype Software for Future Spaceflight Tested at MDRS - 06/28/06
A Software Safety Certification Plug-in for Automated Code Generators (Executive Briefing) - 06/28/06
Design Teams, Complex Systems and Uncertainty - 06/13/06
QUICR-learning for Multi-Agent Coordination - 06/13/06
Mixed-initiative Planning in Space Mission Operations - 06/13/06
Interior Pointwise Feedback Control and Optimization of Euler Equations for Flow Separation in Stator Cascades by Air Injection - 06/09/06
A Generic Annotation Inference Algorithm for the Safety Certification of Automatically Generated Code - 06/09/06
Mission Control Technologies: A New Way of Designing and Evolving Mission Systems - 06/01/06
Transport in Molecular Junctions with Different Metallic Contacts - 05/25/06
Software Architecture for Planetary & Lunar Robotics - 05/24/06
Evolutionary Based Techniques for Fault Tolerant Field Programmable Gate Arrays - 05/05/06
A Structural Characterization of Temporal Dynamic Controllability - 05/05/06
Case Study: Test Results of a Tool and Method for In-Flight, Adaptive Control System Verification on a NASA F-15 Flight Research Aircraft - 05/03/06
Agent Reward Shaping for Alleviating Traffic Congestion - 05/03/06
Drilling Automation Tests at a Lunar/Mars Analog Site - 05/03/06
Drilling Automation Demonstrations in Subsurface Exploration for Astrobiology - 05/03/06
A Predictive Theory of Games - 05/03/06
Component-Based Tool for Mission Operations Software Deployment - 05/03/06
Preliminary Study of Peer-to-Peer Human-Robot Interaction - 04/26/06
Using Correlation to Compute Better Probabiilty Estimates in Plan Graphs - 04/26/06
Adaptive Inner-Loop Rover Control - 04/26/06
Data Mining, SIAM Presentation - 04/17/06
Data Mining for ISHM of Liquid Rocket Propulsion Status Update - 04/17/06
High-Strength, High-Performance Turbine Design fo rHigh-Power Ddensity Applications - 04/11/06
To the North Coast of Devon: Collaborative Navigation While Exploring Unfamiliar Terrain - 04/03/06
Plan Execution Interchange Language (PLEXIL) - 04/03/06
Explaining Verification Conditions - 04/03/06
Generative Representations for Computer-Automated Evolutionary Design - 04/03/06
Annotation Inference for the Safety Certification of Automatically Generated Code - 04/03/06
Software Engineering Research/Developer Collaborations in 2005 - 04/03/06
Characterizing Seasonality and Multi-Resolution Predictions of Virtual Sensors for Remote Sensing Applications - 02/23/06
Distributed Evaluation Functions for Fault Tolerant Multi-Rover Systems - 02/09/06
Efficient Agent-Based Cluster Ensembles - 02/09/06
Efficient Agent-Based Models for Non-Genomic Evolution - 02/09/06
Integrated Health Management (ISHM) Technology Demonstration Project Final Report - 02/09/06
Engineering Degrees of Agency - 02/08/06
ALPS: The Age-Layered Population Structure for Reducing the Problem of Premature Convergence - 02/02/06
Automated Antenna Design with Evolutionary Algorithms - 02/01/06
Evolutionary Design of a Phased Array Antenna Element - 02/01/06
ISHM Decision Analysis Tool: Operations Concept - 02/01/06
Towards A Compositional Spin - 02/01/06
Automatic Certification of Kalman Filters for Reliable Code Generation - 02/01/06
Symbolic Execution with Abstract Subsumption Checking - 02/01/06
Flexible Rover Architecture for Science Instrumentation and Testing - 02/01/06
Designing Compact and Robust Rocket Engine Components for Sustainable Space Exploration - 01/24/06
Towards Robust Designs via Multiple-Objective Optimization Methods - 01/24/06
Single- and Multiple-Objective Optimiztion with Differential Evolution and Neural Networks - 01/24/06
The NASA Program Management Tool: A New Vision in Business Intelligence - 01/23/06
Designing Compact and Robust Rocket Engine Components for Sustainable Space Exploration - 01/17/06
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