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Formal Approaches to Ensuring the Safety of space Software - 12/30/05
Cognitive Fatigue Data - 12/30/05
Verification of Autonomous Systems for Space Applications - 12/30/05
A Robust Compositional Architecture for Autonomous Systems - 12/30/05
Novel Methods for Predicting Photometric Redshifts from Broad Band Photometry using Virtual Sensors - 12/28/05
Performance Estimation of a Neural Networks Based Controller - 12/28/05
Discovering Atypical Flights in Sequences of Discrete Flight Parameters - 12/27/05
Accurate Biomass Estimation via Bayesian Adaptive Sampling - 12/27/05
Gesture Based Control and EMG Decomposition - 12/27/05
Collaborative Decision Systems Project Summary of Technology Developments in Human Robotics Interaction - 12/27/05
The Human-Robot Interaction Operating System - 12/27/05
Common Metrics for Human-Robot Interaction - 12/27/05
EEG-Based Estimation of Mental Fatigue - 12/27/05
Comparison of Event Detection Methods for Centralized Sensor Networks - 12/27/05
Multimodal Platform Control for Robotic Planetary Exploration Missions - 12/27/05
Language, Space, Time: Anthropological Tools and Scientific Exploration on Mars - 12/15/05
Stochastic Over-Subscription Planning Using Hierarchies of MDPs - 12/15/05
Planning to Remember Innovation & Inheritance in the Design of a Moon/Mars Spacecraft - 11/22/05
Anomaly Detection in Aircraft Flight Data: A Sequence Analysis Approach Anomaly Detection in Large Sets of High-Dimensional Symbol Sequences - 11/10/05
Photo-realistic Terrain Modeling and Visualization for Mars Exploration Rover Science Operations - 11/10/05
A Review of Diagnostic Techniques for ISHM Applications - 11/10/05
Software Certification and Software Certifcate Management Systems - 11/10/05
Planning to Explore: Using a Coordinated Multisource Infrastructure to Overcome Present and Future Space Flight Planning Challenges - 11/10/05
Modeling and Classifying Six-Dimensional Trajectories for Teleoperation under a Time Delay - 11/10/05
Infusing Software Assurance Research Techniques into Use - 11/10/05
Software Architecture of Sensor Data Distribution in Planetary Exploration - 11/10/05
Review: Shouldering Risks: The Culture of Control in the Nuclear Power Industry - 10/23/05
Seeing the Invisible: Embedding Tests in Code That Cannot be Modified - 10/08/05
Efficient Evaluation Functions for Evolving Coordination - 10/08/05
Evolving Multi Rover Systems in Dynamic and Noisy Environments - 10/08/05
Test Input Generation for Red-Black Trees Using Abstraction - 10/08/05
Expecting the Unexpected - Radiation Hardware Software - 09/30/05
Improving Situational Awareness for First Responders via Mobile Computing - 09/30/05
Aircraft Fault Detection and Classification Using Multi-Level Immune Learning Detection - 09/30/05
Robotic and Human-Tended Collaborative Drilling Automation for Subsurface Exploration - 09/23/05
Performance Monitoring and Assessment of Neuro-Adaptive Controllers for Aerospace Applications Using a Bayesian Approach - 09/23/05
Approximation Algorithms and Heuristics for Classical Planning - 09/23/05
Analysis of Aircraft Control Performance Using a Fuzzy Rule Based Representation of the Cooper-Harper Aircraft Handling Quality Rating - 09/23/05
Inspection with Robotic Microscopic Imaging - 09/23/05
APEX Reference Manual - 09/23/05
Optimized Algorithms for Prediction within Robotic Tele-Operative Interfaces - 09/20/05
Micro-Flying Robotics in Space Missions - 09/20/05
Experience with Bayesian Image Based Surface Modeling - 09/15/05
Learning from the Mars Rover Mission: Scientific Discovery, Learning & Memory - 09/15/05
Inductive Learning Approaches for Improving Pilot Awareness of Aircraft Faults - 09/15/05
The Peer-to-Peer Human-Robot Interaction Project - 09/12/05
Human Centered Computing for Mars Exploration - 08/25/05
Machine Learning for Rocket Propulsion Health Monitoring - 08/11/05
Evolution, Re-evolution and Prototype of an X-Band Antenna for NASA's Space Technology 5 Mission - 08/09/05
Certifiable Program Generation - 08/03/05
Small Vocabulary Communication and Control Using Surface Electromyography in an Accoustically Noisy Environment - 08/03/05
A Sun Tracker for Planetary Analog Rovers - 08/03/05
Plan Execution Interchange Language (PLEXIL) for Executable Plans and Command Sequences - 08/03/05
Drilling Automation for Subsurface Exploration - 07/19/05
Practical Proof Checking for Program Certification - 07/15/05
Hierarchical Proof Structures - 07/15/05
Experiments with Autonomous Software for Planetary Robots: A Simulation Success Story - 07/15/05
Risk-Based Decision-Making for Managing Resources during the Design of Complex Aerospace Systems - 07/11/05
Improvements in Virtual Sensors: Using Spatial Information to estimate Remote Sensing Spectra - 07/01/05
Radiation Mitigation and Power Optimization Design Tools for Reconfigurable Hardware in Orbit - 07/01/05
Informed Source Separation: A Bayesian Tutorial - 07/01/05
Coping with Trail-to-Trial Variability of Event Related Signals: A Bayesian Inference Approach - 07/01/05
Semi-Structured Data Management in the Enterprise: A Nimble, High Throughput and Scalable Approach - 07/01/05
Discovering System Health Anomalies using Data Mining Techniques - 07/01/05
Formal Safety Certification of Aerospace Software - 07/01/05
Hiproofs: A hierarchical notion of proof tree - 07/01/05
Autobalancing and FDIR for a space-based centrifuge Prototype - 07/01/05
Predictive Interfaces for Long-Distance Tele- Operations - 06/29/05
Brain-Computer Interfaces for 1-D and 2-D Cursor Control: Designs Using Volitional Control of the EEG Spectrum or Steady-State Visual Evoked Potentials - 06/29/05
Revealing Relationships among Relevant Climate Variables with Information Theory - 06/27/05
Expedition Memory - 06/27/05
The Mobile Agents 2005 Field Test at MDRS - 06/27/05
An Agent-based Inerface to Terrestrial Ecological Forecasting (Abstract) - 06/22/05
Tutorial: Temporal and Resource Reasoning for Planning, Scheduling and Execution - 06/09/05
Planner-Based Control of Advanced Life Support Systems - 06/09/05
Patent Pending - 06/08/05
A Comparative Study of Probability Collectives Based Multi-Agent Systems and Genetic Algorithms - 06/08/05
Predictive Game Theory - 06/08/05
Bounded Rationality and Statistical Physics - 06/08/05
Statistical Physics for Adaptive Distributed Control - 06/08/05
Coevolutionary Free Lunches - 06/08/05
Distributed Constrained Optimization with Semicoordinate Transformation - 06/08/05
A Constraint-Based Planner for Data Production - 06/08/05
Dynamic Domains in Data Production - 06/08/05
Preferences in Data Production Planning - 06/03/05
Automatic In-Flight Repair of FPGA Cosmic Ray Damage - 06/03/05
Inspection & Verification of Domain Models with Planworks & Aver - 06/03/05
Inductive System Health Monitoring with Statistical Metrics - 05/20/05
A Voice Enabled Procedure Browser for the International Space Station - 05/19/05
Communicating Intent for Planning & Scheduling Tasks - 05/19/05
Software Engineering Research/Developer Collaborations in 2004 - 05/19/05
Multi-Target Single Cycle Instrument Placement - 05/19/05
Intelligent Systems: Terrestrial Observation and Prediction Using Remote Sensing - 05/19/05
Spoken Language Processing in the Clarissa Procedure Browser - 05/19/05
Simple Kernel Methods for Identification of Cross- Talk and Misrecognition - 05/19/05
Comparison of Grammar-Based and Statistical Language Models Trained on the same Data - 05/19/05
Fault Discovery by using mined Data - 05/13/05
Maintaining Situation Awareness with Autonomous Airborne Observation Platforms - 05/12/05
Verification, Validation and Solution Quality in Computational Physics: CFD Methods Applied to ICE Sheet Physics - 05/05/05
Playing Games with Optimal Competitive Scheduling - 05/05/05
Planning with Continuous Resources in Stochastic Domains - 05/03/05
An AO* Algorithm for Planning with Continuous Resources - 05/03/05
Challenges in Verification and Validation of Autonomous Systems for Space Exploration - 05/03/05
Workspaces in the Semantic Web - 05/03/05
Measuring, Enabling, and Comparing Modularity Regularity, and Hierarchy in Evolutionary Design - 05/03/05
Sensor Data Distribution with Robustness & Reliability-Toward Distributed Component Model - 05/03/05
Survey of Command Execution Systems for NASA Spacecraft and Robots - 05/03/05
Alternatives to Re-Planning: Methods for Plan Re-evaluation at Runtime - 05/03/05
Concrete Model Checking with Abstract Matching and Refinement - 04/28/05
Airflow Hazard Visualization for Helicopter Pilots: Flight Simulation Study Results - 04/12/05
PlanWorks: A Debugging Environment for Constraint Based Planning Systems - 04/05/05
Enterprise Information Integration: Successes, Challenges and Controversies - 04/05/05
Mathematical Metaphors: Problem Reformulation and Analysis Strategies - 04/05/05
An Ensemble Approach to Building Mercer Kernels with Prior Information - 04/04/05
Abstraction and Assume-guarantee Reasoning for Automated Software Verification - 04/04/05
Towards Failure-based decision-making during design: use-centered design meets design methods research - 04/04/05
A Proposal for the Creation of a Diagnostic and Power Port Standard - 04/04/05
Online Bagging and Boosting - 04/04/05
Wrappers, Aspects, Quantification and Events - 04/04/05
Sunspot Pattern Classification Using PCA and Neural Networks - 03/30/05
Business Intelligence Modeling in Launch Operations - 03/21/05
Water Music - 03/21/05
Non-Intrusive Techniques of Inspections during the Pre-Launch Phase of Space Vehicle - 03/21/05
Autonomy Software Architecture for LORAX (Life On ice Robotic Antarctic eXplorer) - 03/21/05
Measures and Models for Predicting Cognitive Fatigue - 03/18/05
Towards Development of Advanced Verification and Validation Tools for the Certification of Learning Systems in Aerospace Applications - 03/18/05
An Extension to the Kalman Filter for an Improved Detection of Unknown Behavior - 03/18/05
Further Geophysical Studies of the Haughton Impact Structure (POSTER) - 03/12/05
Mixed-Initiative Activity Planning for Mars Rovers - 03/11/05
An Ecological Forecasting Agent - 03/01/05
Towards G2G: Systems of Technology Database Systems - 02/28/05
Lean Middleware - 02/28/05
Mission Planning & Target Tracking for Autonomous Instrument Placement - 02/28/05
Self Dissimilarity as a high dimensional Complexity Measure - 02/28/05
Coordinating Multi-Rover Systems: Evaluation Functions for Dynamic & Noisy Environments - 02/28/05
Designing Agent Utilities for Coordinated, Scalable and Robust Multi-Agent Systems - 02/28/05
Efficient Credit Assignment through Evaluation Function Decomposition - 02/28/05
Quicker Q-Learning in Multi-Agent Systems - 02/28/05
Multi-Agent Reward Analysis for Learning in Noisy Domains - 02/28/05
A Scalable and Robust Multi-Agent Approach to Distributed Optimization - 02/28/05
High and Dry: Trading Water Vapor, Fuel and Observing Time for Airborne Infrared Astronomy - 02/17/05
Brain-Computer Interface (on CD) - 02/17/05
A Program Certification Assistant Based on Fully Automated Theorem Provers - 02/17/05
Crew-Centered Operations: What HAL 9000 Should Have Been - 02/17/05
A Transactional Perspective on the Practice-Based Science of Teaching and Learning - 02/17/05
Temporal Dynamic Controllability Revisited - 02/17/05
Performance Monitoring and Assessment of Neuro-Adaptive Controllers for Aerospace Applications Using a Bayesian Approach - 02/17/05
Autonomous Operations for the Crew Exploration Vehicle - Trade Study Design Considerations - 02/17/05
Trusted Autonomy for Space Flight Systems - 02/03/05
Automating Capcom Using Mobile Agents & Robotic Assistants - 02/01/05
Cloud Detection from Satellite Imagery: A Comparison of Expert-Generated and Automatically-Generated Decision Trees - 01/31/05
Interaction Challenges in Human-Robot Space Exploration - 01/31/05
Aerial Vehicle Surveys of Other Planetary Atmospheres and Surfaces: Imaging/Remote- Sensing Technology Requirements - 01/14/05
The Ames MER Microscopic Imager Toolkit - 01/07/05
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