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Applying Squeaky Wheel Optimization to Schedule Airborne Autonomy Observations Mixed Discrete and Continuous Algorithms for Scheduling Airborne Astronomy Observations - 12/30/04
Activity Planning for the Mars Exploration Rover - 12/30/04
Combined Feature Based and Shape Based Visual Tracker for Robot Navigation - 12/23/04
Improving Aviation Safety with Information Visualization: A Flight Simulation Study - 12/23/04
Improving Aviation Safety with Information Visualization: Airflow Hazard Display for Helicopter Pilots - 12/23/04
Runtime Verification (Slides) - 12/23/04
Post-Modern Software Development - 12/17/04
FIDDLE: A Computer Code for Finite Difference Development of Linear Elasticity in Generalized Curvilinear Coordinates - 12/17/04
Summary of Tactile User Interfaces Techniques and Systems - 12/17/04
Poetry in Programs: A Brief Examination of Software Aesthetics, including observations on the History of Programming Styles and Speculations on Post-Object Programming - 12/17/04
Complexity Signatures for System Health Monitoring - 12/01/04
Towards On-Line Services Based on a Holistic Analysis of Human Activities - 11/30/04
Results from a New Separation Algorithm for Planetary Gear System Vibration Measurements - 11/30/04
Finding Bounded Rational Equilibria Part II: Alternative Lagrangians and Uncountable Move Spaces - 11/30/04
Finding Bounded Rational Equilibria Part I: Iterative Focusing - 11/30/04
What Information Theory Says About Bounded Rational Best Response - 11/30/04
Data-Based Predictive Combustion Control - 11/29/04
Semantic-Web Technology: Applications at NASA - 11/21/04
Two Trees- Migrating Fault Trees to Decision Trees for Real Time Fault Detection on International Space Station - 11/21/04
Discovering Recurring Anomalies in Text Reports Regarding Complex Space Systems - 11/21/04
Augmentation of an Intelligent Flight Control System for a Simulated C-17 Aircraft - 11/21/04
Self Dissimilarity as a High Dimensional Complexity Measure - 11/21/04
Distributed Optimization - 11/21/04
The Collaborative Information Portal and NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Mission - 11/14/04
JEAGLE: A Java Runtime Verification Tool - 11/14/04
Program Monitoring with LTL in EAGLE - 11/14/04
Using Block-local Atomicity to Detect Stale- Value Concurrency Errors - 11/14/04
Toward a Benchmark for Multi-Threaded Testing Tools - 11/14/04
Precise and Scalable Program Analysis of NASA Flight Software - 11/10/04
Working on Mars: Understanding how Scientists Engineers, and Rovers Interacted Across Space and Time during the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Mission - 11/10/04
Choosing Mars-Time: Analysis of the Mars Exploration Rover Experience - 11/10/04
Adaptive Bio-Inspired Wireless Network Routing for Planetary Exploration - 11/10/04
An Ontology of Work, Naming and Action Identification for Planning on the Mars Exploration Rover Mission - 11/10/04
Applications for Mission Operations using Multi-Agent Model-Based Instructional Systems with Virtual Environments - 11/06/04
Toward Question-Asking Machines; The logic of Questions and the Inquiry Calculus - 11/06/04
A Reliable Service-Oriented Architecture for NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Mission - 11/05/04
Multi-Agent Modeling and Simulation Approach for Design and Analysis of MER Mission Operations - 11/05/04
Technical Reviews: Torn Between Knowledge Sharing and Project Assessment - 10/27/04
Cognitive Modeling of Social Behaviors - 10/27/04
Metrics for More than Two Points at Once - 10/27/04
Fleet Assignment Using Collective Intelligence - 10/27/04
Information Theory - The Bridge Connecting Bounded Rational Game Theory and Statistical Physics - 10/27/04
Adaptive Metropolis Sampling with Product Distributions - 10/27/04
Product Distributions for Distributed Optimization - 10/27/04
What Information Theory Says about Best response & binding contracts - 10/27/04
Disttibuted Adaptive Control: Beyond Single- Instant Discreet Variables - 10/27/04
Coevolutionary Free Lunches - 10/27/04
Product Distribution Theory for Control of Multi-Agent Systems - 10/27/04
Extensible Hardware Architecture for Mobile Robots - 10/22/04
Characterizing Oscillatory Bursts in Single- Trial EEG Data - 10/21/04
Oscillatory Hierarchy Controlling Cortical Excitability and Stimulus Integration Budapest Hungary - 10/21/04
Learning from Failures: Archiving and Designing with Failure and Risk - 10/15/04
Identifying Designer Needs: Applying Customer Needs Analysis and Human-Computer Interaction Methods to a Design Repository - 10/15/04
Advanced Diagnostic System on Earth Observing One - 10/15/04
Planning Mars Memory: Learning from the MER Mission - 10/15/04
Peer-to-Peer Human-Robot Interaction for Space Exploration - 10/14/04
Internet Based Simulations of Debris Dispersion of Shuttle Launch - 10/14/04
Early Infusion of New Planning, Scheduling, and Execution Technologies into a Flight Mission - 10/14/04
On Space Exploration and Human Error: A Paper on Reliability and Safety - 10/08/04
Evolvable Hardware for Space Applications - 10/08/04
Intelligent Systems: Shaping the Future of Aeronautics and Space Exploration - 10/08/04
Knowledge Navigation for Virtual Vehicles - 09/29/04
Automated Evidence Gathering - 09/28/04
NASA And the Semantic Web - 09/27/04
Modeling and Composing Scenario-Based Requirements with Aspects - 09/24/04
Intelligent Information Fusion in the Aviation Domain: A Semantic-Web based Approach - 09/24/04
Demonstrating Robotic Autonomy in NASA's Intelligent Systems Project (Abstract) - 09/24/04
Integration of dynamic models in range Operations - 09/24/04
Immunity-Based Aircraft Fault Detection System - 09/24/04
Intelligent Control for the BEES flyer - 09/24/04
Exploration of Planetary Terrains with a Legged Robot as a Scout Adjunct to a Rover - 09/23/04
Clarissa Spoken Dialogue System for Procedure Reading and Navigation Livingstone Model-Based Diagnosis of Earth- Observing One Infusion Experiment - 09/20/04
A Prototype Flight-Deck Airflow Hazard Visualization System - 09/07/04
Data Visualization of Invisible Airflow Hazards During Helicopter Takeoff and Landing Operations - 09/07/04
Mulitple Concurrent Recursive Least Squares Identification - 09/03/04
Software Engineering Research/ Developer Collaborations - 09/03/04
An Evolved Antenna for Deployment on NASA's Space Technology 5 Mission - 09/03/04
Autonomous Evolution of Dynamic Gaits with Two Quadrupled Robots - 09/03/04
Functional Scalability Through Generative Representations: the Evolution of Table Designs - 09/03/04
Properties of Artifact Representations for Evolutionary Design - 09/03/04
The Role of Ontologies in Schema-Based Program Synthesis - 09/03/04
Injectors and Annotations - 09/03/04
A CORBA Extension for Intelligent Software Environments - 09/03/04
Agent Architecture for Aviation Data Integration System - 09/03/04
Investigation Organizer - 09/03/04
Aspect Oriented Programming - 09/03/04
Understanding AOP Through the Study of Interpreters - 09/03/04
The D3 Middleware Architecture - 09/03/04
Planning Mars Memory: Learning from the MER Mission - 09/02/04
Integrating Webtop Components with Thin-Client Web Applications Using Documentation WDK Ticket - 08/26/04
MCRLS for on-line spacecraft mass- and thruster-property identification - 08/25/04
Transitioning from Software Requirements Models to Design Models - 08/24/04
Modeling Images of Natural 3D Surfaces: Overview and Potential Applications - 08/24/04
A Bootstrap Approach to Martian Manufacturing - 08/23/04
Measures and Models for Estimating and Predicting Cognitive Fatigue - 08/19/04
On Bayesian Inductive Inference and Predictive Estimation - 08/17/04
Ensemble Data Mining Methods - 08/17/04
Ontology Development and Evolution in the Accident Investigation Domain - 08/17/04
Usability Evaluation of a Flight-Deck Airflow Hazard Visualization System - 08/17/04
An Overview of Ecological Modeling and Machine Learning Research Within the US National and Space Administration - 08/09/04
Extending Source Code Generators for Evidence-based Software Certification - 08/01/04
Intelligent Automation Approach for Improving Pilot Situational Awareness - 07/30/04
Negative Selection Algorithm for Aircraft Fault Detection - 07/30/04
Adaptive DFT-based Fringe Tracking and Prediction at IOTA - 07/07/04
Adaptive DFT-based Fringe Tracking - 07/07/04
Middleware and Web Services for the Collaborative Information Portal of NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Mission - 07/07/04
A New Computational Framework for Atmospheric and Surface Remote Sensing - 07/07/04
An Ontology for Requesting Distant Robotic Action: a Case Study in Naming and Action - 06/25/04
A Scalable Nonuniform Pointer Analysis for Embedded Programs - 06/22/04
Dynamic Programming for Structured Continuous Markov Decision Problems - 06/22/04
Design Tools for Reconfigurable Hardware in Orbit (RHinO) - 06/22/04
Combining Particle Filters and Consistency-Based Approaches for Monitoring and Diagnosis of Stochastic Hybrid Systems - 06/22/04
Automating Traceability for Generated Software Artifacts - 06/22/04
Applications of ITS for Human-Robotic Exploration of Mars - 06/22/04
Exploiting Recurring Structure in a Semantic Network - 06/18/04
Verification and Validation Methodology of Real-Time Adaptive Neural Networks for Aerospace Applications - 06/18/04
Parameter Space Exploration with Gaussian Process Trees - 06/18/04
Brahms: A Multiagent Modeling Environment for Simulating Work Practice in Organizations - 06/18/04
Scaling up Decision Theoretic Planning to Planetary Rover Problems - 06/18/04
Shortcomings with Tree-Structured Edge Encodings for Neural Networks - 06/10/04
Kernel PLS Estimation of Single-Trial Event Related Potentials - 06/09/04
Using Generative Representations to Evolve Robots - 06/04/04
Improving Evolvability through Generative Representations - 06/04/04
Generative Representations for Computer- Automated Design Systems - 06/04/04
An Agent-Based Interface to Terrestrial Ecological Forecasting - 06/04/04
Discovering Planetary Nebula Geometries: Explorations with a Hierarchy of Models - 05/26/04
InvestigationOrganizer: The Development and Testing of a Web-Based Tool to Support Mishap Investigations - 05/26/04
Random Matrix Approach to Quantum Adiabatic Evolution Algorithms - 05/26/04
Distribution Theory and Semi-Coordinate Transformations - 05/18/04
Reinforcement Learning in Distributed Domains: Beyond Team Games - 05/18/04
Structure Constraints in a Constraint-Based Planner - 05/13/04
A Hybrid Constraint Representation and Reasoning Framework - 05/13/04
Optimal Control Method of a Flow Recirculation System - 05/13/04
Monitoring the Performance of a Neuro- Adaptive Controller - 05/13/04
Pilots Rate Augmented Generalized Predictive Control for Reconfiguration - 05/12/04
Beyond Mechanism Design - 05/10/04
Adaptive, Distributed Control of Constrained Multiagent Systems - 05/10/04
Collective Intelligence, data routing & Braess' paradox - 05/10/04
The Design of Collectives of Agents to Control non-Markosian Systems - 05/10/04
Collective Intelligence - 05/10/04
Product Distribution Theory for Control of Multi-Agent Systems - 05/10/04
Theory of Collective Intelligence - 05/10/04
Designing Agent Collectives for Systems with Markosian Dynamics - 05/10/04
Distributed Control by Lagrangian Steepest Descent - 05/10/04
A Survey of Collectives - 05/10/04
Fleet Assignment Using Collective Intelligence - 05/10/04
Providing Effective Access to Shared Resources: A COIN Approach - 05/10/04
Synthesizing 3D Surfaces from Parameterized Strip Charts - 05/10/04
Realtime Knowledge Management (RKM) - from an ISS Point of View - 05/10/04
Precise and Efficient Static Array Bound Checking for Large Embedded C Programs - 05/03/04
An Empirical Evaluation of Automated Theorem Provers in Software Certification - 05/03/04
UIVerify - A Web-Based Tool for Verification and Automatic Generation of User-Interfaces - 04/20/04
Compiling Planning into Scheduling: A Sketch - 04/20/04
Adaptive Multi-Agent Systems for Constrained Optimization - 04/20/04
Lattice Duality: The Origin of Probability and Entropy - 04/20/04
Transient Region Coverage in the Propulsion IVHM Technology Experiment - 04/20/04
Inferring Spectra from Interferograms: Application to the Multiplexing Fourier Transform Spectrometer - 04/07/04
Inductive System Health Monitoring - 04/06/04
Combining Model-Driven and Schema-based Program Synthesis - 03/31/04
Using Fuzzy Clustering for Real-Time Space Flight Safety - 03/31/04
Modelling Images of Natural 3D surfaces: Overview and Potential Applications - 03/25/04
Synthesizing Safety Conditions for Code Certification Using Meta-Level Programming - 03/25/04
Mechanisms for Antagonistic Regulation of AMPA and NMDA-D1 Receptor Complexes at Postsynaptic Sites - 03/25/04
Mixed-Initiative Constraint-Based Activity Planning for Mars Exploration Rovers - 03/25/04
Building Hybrid Rover Models for NASA: Lessons Learned - 03/25/04
Virtual Sensors: Using Data Mining to Efficiently Estimate Spectra - 03/25/04
Retrofitting the AutoBayes Program Synthesis System with Concrete Syntax - 03/22/04
Putting Priors in Mixture Density Mercer Kernels - 03/22/04
GPC-Based Stable Reconfigurable Control - 03/12/04
Technical Reviews: Torn Between Knowledge Sharing and Project Assessment - 03/10/04
Intelligent Controls & Diagnostics Sub-Project and Neuroelectric Machine Control Sub-Project - 03/05/04
Intelligent Automation UPN 302-05 - 03/05/04
Neuroelectric Machine Control Task UPN 302-05 - 03/05/04
Integrated Computational Dynamics and Diagnostics Task UPN 302-05 - 03/05/04
Information Technology Strategic Research (ITSR) Project - 03/05/04
Intelligent Controls and Diagnostics for Propulsion Systems UPN 302-05 - 03/05/04
Debris Dispersion Modeling using Java 3D - 03/01/04
Air System Information Management - 03/01/04
Comparing Methods for UAV-Based Autonomous Surveillance - 03/01/04
Modelling and Simulation of Shuttle Launch and Range Operations - 03/01/04
Single-Trial Characterization of Evolved Responses: Bayesian Estimation and Differentially Variable Compnent Analysis - 02/27/04
Efficient Evaluation Functions for Multi-Rover Systems - 02/12/04
Time-Extended Policies in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning - 02/12/04
Unifying Temporal and Structural Credit Assignment Problems - 02/12/04
Spectral Inference from a Mulitplexing Fourier Transform Spectrometer - 02/12/04
Knowledge Driven Image Mining with Mixture Density Mercer Kernels - 02/12/04
Using Automated Theorem Provers to Certify Auto-Generated Aerospace Software - 02/12/04
A Generic Software Safety Document Generator - 02/12/04
Team Formation in Partially Observable Multi-Agent System - 02/12/04
Overcoming Comnmunication Restrictions in Collectives - 02/12/04
Strategies for Global Optimization of Temporal Preferences - 02/11/04
Verification of Java Programs Using Symbolic and Invariant Generation - 02/11/04
Assume Guarantee Verification of Source Code with Design-level Assumptions - 02/11/04
Identifying Model-Based Reconfiguration Goals Through Functional Deficiencies - 02/11/04
A Comparison of Techniques for Scheduling Earth-Observing Satellites - 02/11/04
Simulation-Based Verification of Autonomous Controllers via Livingstone Pathfinder - 02/06/04
A Tool for Verification and Validation of Neural Network Based Adaptive Controllers for High Assurance Systems - 01/16/04
Rule Based Runtime Verification Adding Assurance to Automatically Generated Code - 01/16/04
Best of Breed - 01/16/04
Realtime Absolute Orientation with Outlier Rejection for Visual Odometry and Mesh Merging - 01/16/04
The Social Practice of Technical Reviews - 01/16/04
Filtering in Hybrid Dynamic Bayesian Networks - 01/12/04
Filtering in Hybrid Dynamic Bayesian Networks (2) - 01/12/04
Mixture Density Mercer Kernels: A Method to Learn Kernels Directly from Data - 01/12/04
Mobile Agents: A Distributed Voice - Commanded Sensory & Robotic System - 01/12/04
Mobile Agents Integrated Field Test - 01/12/04
Deriving Laws from Ordering Relations - 01/07/04
Quantum Adiabatic Optimization and Combinatorial Landscapes - 01/07/04
Context-Aware Intelligent Assistant Approach to Improving Pilot's Situational Awareness - 01/07/04
Initial Efforts Toward Mission Representative Imaging Surveys From Aerial Explorers - 01/07/04
Self-Sustaining Robotic Ecologies and Space Architecture - 01/07/04
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