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Locally-Based Kernel PLS Smoothing to Non- Parametric Regression Curve Fitting - 12/23/02
The Livingstone Model of a Main Propulsion System - 12/16/02
Learning Assumptions for Compositional Verification - 12/16/02
Understanding Vibration Spectra of Planetary Gear Systems for Fault Detection - 12/16/02
Kernel Partial Least Squares for Nonlinear Regression and Discrimination - 12/02/02
Experiments with Test Case Generation and Runtime Analysis - 12/02/02
Darwin, J2EE, and Mars (proposal) - 12/02/02
The Mars Exploration Rover/ Collaborative Information Portal - 11/19/02
The Social Life of a Data Base - 11/19/02
An Overview of the Runtime Verification Tool Java PathExplorer - 11/19/02
An Overview of the Runtime Verification Tool -> Reducing False Positives in Runtime Analysis of Deadlocks - 11/19/02
Realizing Aspects by Transforming for Events - 11/19/02
Program Model Checking as a new Trend - 11/19/02
A Rewriting-based Approach to Trace Analysis - 11/19/02
NASA Position Paper for the CSCW 2002Workshop on Public, Community, and Situated Displays:Merboard - 10/31/02
Estimating the Single-Trial Characteristics of Event-Related Responses:Evaluation of the mcERP Algorithm - 10/31/02
Single-Trial Analysis of V1 Responses Suggest Two Transmission States - 10/31/02
Hybrid Verification of an Interface for anAutomatic Landing - 10/30/02
A Scalable, Out-of-Band Diagnostics Architecture for International Space Station Systems Support - 10/21/02
A Data Management System for International Space Station Simulation Tools - 10/21/02
Prediction of Aerodynamic Coefficients UsingGenetic Algorithm Optimized Neural Network for Sparse Data - 10/21/02
Multimodal Neuroelectric Interface Development: A Survey of Research at NASA Ames Research Center - 10/21/02
Biologically Inspired 'Behavioral' Strategies for Planning and Execution of Missions Using General Classes of Aerial Explorers - 10/15/02
The Personal Satellite Assistant:An Internal Spacecraft Autonomous Mobile Monitor - 10/10/02
Airport Simulations Using DistributedComputational Resources - 10/07/02
An Extensible "Schema-Less" Database Framework for Managing High-Throughput Semi-structured Documents - 10/07/02
Instrument Deployment for Mars Rover ** Includes video as well - 10/07/02
Scheduling Earth Observing Fleets UsingEvolutionary Algorithms:Problem Description and Approach - 10/07/02
Science Target Assessment for Mars Rover Instrument Deployment - 10/01/02
Analysis of Salinity Intrusion in the San Francisco Bay-Delta Using a GA-optimized Neural Net, and Application of the Model to Prediction in the Elkhorn Slough Habitat - 09/10/02
PRACA Enhancement Pilot Study Report - 08/19/02
Discovering Communicable Scientific Knowledgefrom Earth Science Data - 08/19/02
A Facility and Architecture for Autonomy Research - 08/09/02
Fielding an Autonomous UAV: Development Results, and Lessons Learned - 08/09/02
Bandwidth Enabled Flight Operations: Examining the Possibilities - 08/09/02
Optimization of a Neural Network Model Using a Genetic Algorithm: Predicting SalinityIntrusion in the San Francisco Bay Estuary - 08/09/02
On-line, gyro-based, mass-propertyidentification for thruster-controlled spacecraft using recursive least squares - 08/05/02
CIP Training Manual - 07/24/02
Merboard User's Guide - 07/24/02
Classification of Aircraft Maneuvers for Fault Detection - 07/23/02
Towards Failure-Free Design: Reducing Dimensionality in Function Failure similarity Analysis for Large Databases - 07/23/02
Boosting with Averaged Weight Vectors - 07/09/02
Computing the Envelope for Stepwise-Constant Resource Allocations - 07/09/02
DPADL: An Action Language for Data Processing Domains - 07/03/02
Verification and Validation of Neural Networks for Aerospace systems - 07/03/02
A Bayesian Approach to Estimating Coupling between Neural Components: Evaluation of the Multiple Component Event-Related Potential (MCERP) Algorithm - 06/25/02
Contingency Planning for Planetary Rovers - 06/25/02
Finding feasible abstract counter-examples - 06/25/02
What is a Question? - 06/25/02
Hierarchies of Models:Toward Understanding Planetary Nebulae - 06/25/02
Audio-Visual Situational Awareness for General Aviation Pilots - 06/25/02
Estimating Single-Trial Responses in EEG - 05/28/02
Multiple Component Event-Related Potential (mcERP) Estimation - 05/23/02
Two pathes from the same place:Task driven and human-centered evolution of a groupinformation surface - 05/23/02
Time-Extended Payoffs for Collectives of Autonomous Agents - 05/23/02
Robust Combining of Disparate Classifiers Through Order Statistics - 05/23/02
Laser-Camera Vision Sensing for Spacecraft Mobile Robot Navigation - 05/23/02
Synthesizing Certified Code - 05/23/02
Autobayes/CC-Combining Program Synthesis with Automatic Code Certification-System Description- - 05/23/02
A Survey of Knowledge Management Research & Development at NASA Ames Research Center - 05/23/02
AClustering-Based Approach for Failure Mode Identification - 04/30/02
Evolutionary Optimization of a Quadrifilar Helical Antenna - 04/25/02
Agent Based Modeling of Collaboration andWork Practices Onboard the International Space Station - 04/18/02
IDEA:Planning at the Core of AutonomousReactive Agents - 04/15/02
Intelligent Systems for Aerosapce Engineering -An Overview - 04/15/02
Mixed-Initiative Planning in Mapgen:Capabilities and Shortcomings - 04/04/02
Model Based Verification of Diagnostics Systems - 04/01/02
New Boundary Constraints for Elliptic Systems Used in Grid Generation Problems - 04/01/02
Challenging Aerospace Problems for IntelligentSystems - 04/01/02
Software Construction and Analysis Tools for Future Space Missions - 03/20/02
Synthesizing Monitors for Safety Properties - 03/18/02
Source-Code Instrumentation and Quantification over Events - 03/18/02
Locally based kernel PLS de-noising with application to event-related potentials - 03/18/02
A New Simulation Framework for Autonomy in Robotic Missions - 03/18/02
Numbering Partitioning via Quantum Adiabatic Computation - 02/28/02
Optimization of a Model to Predict SalinityIntrusion in San Francisco Bay Estuary Using a Genetic Algorithim - 02/25/02
Modeling the Perceptual Component of Conceptual Learning - 02/07/02
Comparing a Coevolutionary Genetic Algorithm for Multiobjective Optimization - 02/07/02
Planning Under Continuous Time and Resource Uncertainty:A Challenge for AI - 02/07/02
Elliptic Grid Generation of Spiral Bevel Pinion Gear Typical of OH-58 Helicopter Transmission - 01/24/02
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