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Subvocal Speech

Subvocal speech technology is an entirely new method of communication that is immune to noise and many common impediments to vocal speech. It directly taps human nervous system muscle signals (EMG or electromyographic signals) produced by the larynx and tongue muscles and recognized words as they are pronounced, whispered, or even silently mouthed.

The goal of subvocal speech is to develop technology for complex systems and applications that addresses the strategic technical challenges of affordability, reliability/safety, effectiveness, and flexibility. Specific objectives are to develop and provide a new computer-interfacing modality for immerse human/machine systems capable of delivering hands-free, noise-immune communication under a wide variety of mission conditions not otherwise suitable for acoustic communications. Publications related to this project are available on the Publications page.

Some video footage of a real-time implementation of Subvocal Speech recognition is available.

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