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Tom Pressburger

Tom Pressburger
Computer Scientist

I work in the Robust Software Engineering Area, headed by Guillaume Brat, which is in the Intelligent Systems Division (Code TI) at NASA Ames.

I worked in the area of software development, analysis and validation tools for the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle under Dr. Michael Lowry.

I have worked in the areas of software analysis, software process, software engineering technology infusion, and automated code generation.


Academic Background

My education includes a BS in Mathematics from the California Institute of Technology (Mathematical Logic, Algebra, Theory of Computation, Numerical Analysis), and an MS in Computer Science (AI) from Stanford University. I visited Oxford, Cambridge, and Univ. of Manchester during summers in 1987 and 1989 where I studied formal methods, in particular, Z and VDM, and the algebra of programming.


From 2007 until 2012 I was involved in NASA oversight of the Orion software development tool chain and application of software analysis tools to Orion software. In particular, I analyzed the results of several static analysis tools applied to the flight software for the Pad Abort 1 test flight. I formulated property monitors as hierarchical state machines that implement specification patterns (see "Rapid Property Specification and Checking for Model-Based Formalisms" below). More recently I was involved in applying black-box test case generation and machine learning tools for analyzing the robustness of Guidance, Navigation and Control software for Orion's Exploration Flight Test 1.

I have been the technical representative (COTR) for the contracting officers of several SBIRs related to software tools. I served as COTR for a NASA Research Award about Safety Cases, and as point of contact for a SARP initiative related to Safety Cases; I also reviewed materials that were developed for a tutorial about Assurance Cases.

In 2006, I inherited leading the SARP initiative that produced a practitioner's guidebook to program model checking (see publications, below).

During 2001-2006 I was on the Ames Software Engineering Process Group (EPG) co-representing the Information Sciences directorate. During 2004-2006 I was the alternate representative from Ames to NASA's intercenter Software Working Group; the primary Ames representative was Cyrus Chow. I participated in two class B CMMI appraisals of Ames software projects.

In 2005 I was a member of the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (ESMD) Computer Software and Automation Integrated Discipline Team (CSA IDT) and, for Constellation, the Software and Avionics Interoperability and Reuse System Integration Group (SAIR SIG). I gathered risks, developed level 2 requirements, and helped write a software reuse study.

I led, with Lawrence Markosian, from 2003 to 2005, the research infusion subgroup of the intercenter Software Working Group. The subgroup's charter was to improve NASA's software engineering practices through research. The subgroup selected mature software engineering research technologies and at the time started over a dozen pilot projects making use of the technologies in NASA software development efforts. The subgroup members at the time were Ben Di Vito (LaRC), Martin Feather (JPL), Michael Hinchey (GSFC), Lawrence Markosian (ARC), Tim Menzies (West Virginia University/IVVF), and Luis Trevino (MSFC), and Wes Deadrick (IVVF) helped out with proposal reviews. The subgroup was awarded "Best New Research" at NASA OSMA SAS'04. See the current research infusion website.

In program synthesis, I have worked on the teams that produced the following systems in the associated domains:

  • Amphion/NAIF: solar system geometry;
  • Amphion/NAV (a precursor to AutoFilter): state estimation using Kalman filters;
  • AutoBayes: statistical analysis;
  • Java PathFinder 1: a Java-to-Promela translator.

Amphion, given a problem specified as a formal, high-level diagram, uses deductive synthesis to generate a program that solves the problem. In that project, I worked on:

  • the logical formalization of the SPICE subroutine library developed by JPL's NAIF group, which is used in planetary exploration;
  • the definition of the abstract graphical specification language;
  • the specification language editor;
  • the tuning of the domain theory so that the deductive engine efficiently processed it (such hand-tuning was to be partially obviated by Meta-Amphion);
  • the transformation into a Fortran program of the result constructed by the deduction engine;
  • the formalization of Amphion's synthesis explanation capability; and
  • the formalization of the decision procedure interface in Meta-Amphion.

Prior to NASA, I worked at the Kestrel Institute where I assisted in the development of several research systems. One such system, called KIDS, devised an algorithm to solve a given problem by applying known algorithmic strategies, e.g. divide-and-conquer. The algorithm could then be optimized by applying program transformations. I worked on the program transformations, the interface architecture, and the language definition. I also worked on the object base and executable specification language used in the software re-engineering platform Software Refinery (TM) provided by Reasoning, Inc. and used it to analyze and transform COBOL programs.

Professional Memberships

  • ACM
  • IEEE Computer Society

Professional Activities

Editorial board, Software: Practice and Experience.

Reviewed papers for these journals: Automated Sofware Engineering, Formal Aspects of Computing, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Journal of Aerospace Information Systems and Software: Practice and Experience.

Industrial Track Program Committee Member, 20th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference, Chicago, Illinois, Sep 24-28, 2012.

Program Committee Member, 34th Annual IEEE Software Engineering Workshop, Limerick, Ireland, Jun 20-21, 2011.

Experience Track Committee Member, 28th International Conference on Software Engineering, Shanghai, China, May 20-28, 2006.

Gave presentation on "Verification Technologies" at the NASA Engineering & Safety Center (NESC) Academy course "Software as an Engineering Discipline: Learning from the Past and Looking to the Future with Michael Aguilar and Colleagues", March 15, 2007, online at


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Unpublished working papers

"Maximum Sum Subsegment Derivation" 1988 [155K, PDF]

"Squigol Exercises" 1989 [58K, PDF]

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