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Computer Scientist AST, NASA Intelligent Robotics Group.

Research Interests

Research scientist and systems engineer with over fifteen years of experience designing human-robot systems for space exploration.

My passion is building tools to help experts do their job better. In many of the applications I've worked on—ranging from disaster management, to planetary probes on land and sea, to a new free flying robotic research platform in the ISS—a common thread is expert human teams working together to manage a complex system generating overwhelming amounts of data. We must design the system itself to be safe, robust, and adaptable, and the information systems and human organization around it to maintain situation awareness and make effective real-time decisions.

Particularly interesting for me are highly flexible platforms that can become leaping-off points for the creativity of future researchers, and artificial intelligence techniques for science autonomy—robotic systems that can interpret their own data and respond intelligently to maximize scientific productivity.

The most rewarding part of my work has been the great friendships and learning opportunities that come from supporting researchers across a broad variety of scientific disciplines.


2007 Ph.D. Robotics, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh
1999 B.S. Computer Science, B.S. Math, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh

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Projects in the Intelligent Robotics Group

Astrobee - robotic free flyer aboard the International Space Station - Technical Lead

Planetary Lake Lander - Technical Lead

Exploration Ground Data Systems (xGDS)

Google / NASA Disaster Response (GeoCam) - geospatial situation awareness for disaster responders - Technical Lead

MapMakers - building planetary maps from massive amounts of image data

Science Operations for Robots

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