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Research Computer Scientist, NASA Intelligent Robotics Group.

Research Interests

Improving situation awareness for teams operating in the field, with an emphasis on geospatial decision support, real-time distributed sensing, user-centered design, and mobile devices. Applications range from field science to planetary analog robotics to disaster response. Past work has included autonomous robotic science, probabilistic planning for robotic exploration, and rough-terrain robotic navigation.


2007 Ph.D. Robotics, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh
1999 B.S. Computer Science, B.S. Math, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh

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Current and Past Projects in the Intelligent Robotics Group

Astrobee - robotic free flyer aboard the International Space Station - Technical Lead

Planetary Lake Lander - Technical Lead

Exploration Ground Data Systems (xGDS)

Google / NASA Disaster Response (GeoCam) - geospatial situation awareness for disaster responders - Technical Lead

MapMakers - building planetary maps from massive amounts of image data

Science Operations for Robots

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