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Guillaume Brat, Sarah Thompson, "Verification of C++ Flight Software with the MCP Model Checker," IEEE Aerospace Conference,

Big Sky, MT, Mar. 1-8, 2008.
[paper (To Appear)]

Sarah Thompson, Alan Mycroft, "Abstract Interpretation of Combinational Asynchronous Circuits (Extended Version)," Science of Computer Programming (2006), Cambridge, United Kingdom, Nov. 23, 2005.
[paper ( PDF, 412K )]

Sarah Thompson, lan Mycroft, "Self-Healing Reconfigurable Manifolds," Proc. DCC'06: Designing Correct Circuits, Vienna, Austria, Mar. 25-26, 2006.
[papers ( PDF, 23K ),( PDF, 3.5M )]

Sarah Thompson, Alan Mycroft, "Bit-Level Partial Evaluation of Synchronous Circuits," Proc. CM SIGPLAN 2006 Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation (PEPM '06, Charleston, South Carolina, Jan. 9-10, 2006.
[paper ( PDF 188K )]

Sarah Thompson, Alan Mycroft, Guillaume Brat, Arnaud Venet, "Automatic In-Flight Repair of FPGA Cosmic Ray Damage," Proc. 1st Disruption in Space Symposium, Marseille, France, Jul. 2005.
[paper ( PDF, 328K )]

Sarah Thompson, Alan Mycroft, "Abstract Interpretation in Space: SET Immunity of Majority Voting Logic," Proc. APPSEM II Workshop, Frauenchiemsee, Germany, Nov. 17, 2005.
[paper ( PDF, 358K )]

Sarah Thompson, Alan Mycroft, "Sliding Window Logic Simulation," 15th UK Asynchronous Forum, Cambridge, United Kingdom, Jan. 5-6th, 2004.
[paper ( PDF, 105k)]

Sarah Thompson, Alan Mycroft, "Statically Analysing the Dynamic Behaviour of Asynchronous Circuits by Abstract Interpretation," PREP 2004, Hatfield, United Kingdom, 2004 .
[paper ( PDF, 43K )]

Sarah Thompson, Alan Mycroft, "Abstract Interpretation of Combinational Asynchronous Circuits," Proc. 11th International Symposium on Static Analysis (SAS 2004), Springer Verlag, Germany, Aug. 2004,
[paper ( PDF, 413K )]

Sarah Thompson, "Hardware Compilation as an Alternative Computation Architecture," M.Sc Thesis, University of Teesside, United Kingdom, Aug. 1991.

Sarah Thompson, "On the Application of Program Analysis and Transformation to High Reliability Electronics," Ph.D Thesis, St Edmund's College, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, Apr. 2006 .
[paper ( PDF, 6M ),( PDF, 6M)]

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