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Stuart Hadfield

Stuart Hadfield joined the NASA Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (QuAIL) in April 2018, after previously spending the summer of 2016 with the group. His research focuses on the power of quantum computers to advance NASA's mission.


Hadfield received his Ph.D. in computer science from Columbia University in February 2018, advised by Al Aho. Previously, he received degrees in theoretical physics from the University of Melbourne and engineering physics from the University of British Columbia. He has also held software and hardware engineering roles in industry.

Research Interests

Hadfield's research focuses on quantum algorithms, information, and complexity, with applications to scientific problems in physics and chemistry, and to hard optimization problems ubiquitous in science and engineering. He seeks to better understand the power of quantum computers, and in particular to elucidate problems and applications where quantum computers have demonstrable advantages over classical algorithms. He is further interested in the mathematical foundations of quantum physics and computation.

Selected Publications

Stuart Hadfield
Stuart Hadfield
Research Scientist,
NASA Ames Research Center

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